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Clothro, The Keys that Float between Worlds

Clothro, The Keys that Float between Worlds; Progeny of the Demon prophet: 
The Yozis want freedom, and as such doors that are locked must be opened. So Elymas created the Clothro to open lesser doors for the least of demons, to try and figure out some way for the Yozis to escape. These demons look like floating cubes with tentacles stretching out from each corner, a mouth for each edge and an eye on each side.  They fly around Malfeas, unlocking any lock they find, with their tentacles which each end in a different style of key. 

The Clothro serve across Malfeas as locksmiths and lock pickers, as their knowledge of all sorts of locking mechanisms is invaluable across the Demon City. What is strange is that they demand knowledge of Creation for payment, ignore essence, physical goods or local currencies. Wise demons know that making friends with the Clothro is a good idea, especially if the demon knows how they can enter Creation without being summoned. See, the Clothro are addicts to the pure air, the azure skies, rivers of water and nations of mortals that do not exist in Malfeas, and they'll try to share that experience with any demon they can. As such, the Keys the Float between Worlds will try and set up circumstances for other demons to escape hell.

Clothro enter Creation whenever one it's denizens fails to bring another type of demon in through it's innate manifestation method. They are mostly summoned to get passed complex lock systems or to teach about the various kinds of demons and their interests in Creation, however a summoner must be cautious, as the Clothro will try to bring more demons into Creation if not properly overseen. The Keys that Float between Worlds have intimacies towards Elymas (Guider in the path of demonology), Knowledge (is Power), Creation (So pretty, so nice -MUST HAVE MORE!),  the colour Azure (Like Creation's sky) negative one to the conditions in Malfeas (UnCreationlike), Keys and Locks (Toys, such wonderful toys), Freedom (What is needed) and other demons (kinship).

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