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Itzpapalotl - Tree of the Tzitzimitl

Itzpapalotl - Tree of the Tzitzimitl - 9th Soul of the Glacier that Preserves
Protection of favoured races.
As one goes through Malfeas, it is occasionally possible to see what looks like a small layer, with closer inspection revealing it to be covered with iron trees and unlike any other layer of the demonic city. If one can actually reach the layer, they realise that it is not a part of Malfeas but a third circle demon - Itzpapalotl - who is one tree that has a tangle of roots forming the main body of the layer and all the trunks are just branches of one super tree. Another thing that will be noticed is the lack of demons, but instead there are several races from prehuman times, the Zrang, the Ebu gogo, the Yacuruna, the Pugot, the Empusa, and most notably, the Tzitzimitl. Itzpapalotl is patroness to these races, favouring the Tzitzimitl enough to grant them the rights of being her sole priestess and woodcutters in her domain, as well as letting them enforce their law all over Itzpapalotl's forest. They were her only inhabitants until the Crippling happened, then the other races moved from Buyel's realm to their new homeland, colonizing Itzpapalotl and accepting her as their new overlady. This makes the demoness proud, as she considers it her prerogative due to her representing J'Qeju's desire to see no species alter it's state of being or place in the cosmos. 

It was only due to this necessity that Itzpapalotl was not preserved with the other 3rd circle souls of the Glacier that Preserves. Ekilihclo used a similar excuse to also avoid preservation, leaving the Forest of the Tzitzimitl annoyed, particular due to the fact that it was so he could preserve humans, a species Itzpapalotl despises, due to their wretched betrayal of the Primordials and their loving of driving perfectly good species extinct for their ego. Itzpapalotl especially hates when humans summon her, as she is forced to take a form given to her by the Crippling; a puppet made of amber, crafted in the likeness of a beautiful maiden with moth wings, although a body of a dryad-like being made of salt can be seen acting as a skeletal structure underneath all of the amber. When summoned, Itzpapalotl is usually used get information about long lost species, teach their forgotten languages, help their ghosts to find some degree of peace, or giving mortals the forms and powers of a long lost species for whatever reason the summoner can conceive. The forest of the Tzitzimitl enjoys the last two, as part of her role is to restablish lost races whenever she can. She was given powers by J'Qeju that are not unlike those that operate Lethe, however, she is not as effective as the heavenly system, and spends most of her time trying to process even a handful of souls. As such, full scale warfare is banned within her lands.

Itzpapalotl is infact trying to rebuild several races in her spare time, using souls she has picked up over the years, and although she is nearing success with a race called the rokurokubi, but she can't quite finish this project. The Forest of the Tzitzimitl only enters Creation when a mere mortal figures out a secret of a lost species which draws one of their ghosts to their location, with the 3rd circle demon switching places with the human in order to try and convince the ghost to join her in Malfeas for another chance at life. Itzpapalotl's intimacies include her Yozi (thankful loyalty), the Tzitzimitl (always my kind), the other races that she protects (glorious dominator and protector), her dreams of bringing back lost races (hopeful expectation), a negative one to humanity (arrogant upstarts of little to no value), another negative one to Ekilihclo (why should he protect those traitors), one to forest creatures and moths (beauty of shared aesthetics) and mother figures without children (similar nature of patronage).

Associated Yozi:


Associated 2nd Circle Demons:

Hariti, the Mother Tiger in All Vengeance - Expressive Soul of The Forest of the Tzitzimitl

Ceto, Creator of half-beautied life - Indulgent soul of The Forest of the Tzitzimitl

Pehtalka Puhst, the Maternal Anti-rudaali clothed in Memoirs of Uncounted Wards - Understanding Soul of The Forest of the Tzitzimitl

Associated 1st Circle Demons:

Bim'jaq, The Demon Rangers; Progeny of the Creator of half-beautied life

Chriek, They who Count the Pictures; Progeny of the Maternal Anti-rudaali clothed in Memoirs of Uncounted Wards

J'Quz, The Heat Eaters; Progeny of the Creator of half-beautied life

Rogehpleb, The Stealing Shadows; Progeny of the Creator of half-beautied life

Zak'kaqin'gim, The Chimeras Unknowable; Progeny of the Creator of half-beautied life

Associated Prehuman Races




Ebu Gogo



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