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Gyushi, Repairman to the Broken Wisdom Soul of the Palace of The Unchanged

Gyushi, Repairman to the Broken
Wisdom Soul of the Palace of The Unchanged
Gyushi repairs things, anything. Ekilihclo desires people to stay unaltered, Gyushi is there to put things back in their proper place. He is often summoned to repair long destroyed structures and artefacts to a degree beyond the capabilities of humanity in the age of sorrows. He is also a doctor and appears in Creation whenever a mortal craftsman is injured beyond treatment when attempting to repair something beyond their skill. Gyushi will judge the human, and if they are worthy of his attentions, he'll heal their injuries and finish their repair work. Unfortunately for him, he has done it incognito so many times that these events are often seen as a miracle from the Gods and not a labour of a demon.

Gyushi considers himself the sworn rival of Alveua, the Expressive soul of Erembour. He considers the demoness to be the most wretched thing he has ever encountered, due to Alveua reforging mortals into equipment, destroying the innate state of being, and being a blacksmith of greater fame than he. Gyushi will find any equipment made by the Keeper of the Forge of Night and break it, 'freeing' the soul bound within no matter how much they may protest. He would attack Alveua directly, but the last time he tried, her insect friends rushed him and forced a tactical retreat from the Repairman to the Broken, although he has sworn revenge on both Alveua and all the insects.

Gyushi appears as a human has been put back together again after a horrific accident. Some have even compared him to one of the Liminal Exalted, which remind the Repairman of the Broken of a secret shame of his, that one time that he entered Kirighast, Gyushi mended a weaver but was too late, and instead of saving her life, a Liminal took her place. What shames him even more is that he fell in love with the new Exalt before she disappeared after three day, two hours and sixteen minutes (yes, he did count all the time spent with her). Now, whenever he enters Creation, he searches for her.

Gyushi's intimacies include his patron Ekilihclo (inspiring creator), broken things (things to work on), a negative against Alevua (despised rival), craftsmen (respect for a fellow), surgery (rebuilding a person is just the same as repairing a soul) and his lost Liminal love (Intense Longing).

Associated Yozi:


Associated 3rd Circle Demon:

Ekilihclo - Palace of The Unchanged

Associated 1st Circle Demons:

Wanemep'hou, The Anteater Repairmen; Progeny of the Repairman to the Broken

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