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Elymas, the Demon Prophet

Elymas, the Demon Prophet
Messenger Soul of Valley Beyond The Great Imprisonment
Within Yaenma, an order of priests ride on black leafed horses, with both horse and rider clearly marked with the signs of demonic ancestry. Amongst these, a figure on a bigger, more eldritch mount, is a great demon rider, Elymas. Standing at 4 metres tall, a humanoid figure made of dark purple amber with white coal for hair, Elymas scars most who see him. This is before you take into account the goat head on each shoulder, the long ears that twist into spikes at their end, his serpent eyes, a nose on each check or the mouth that is vertically aligned along the face and not horizontally like normal humans. And somehow he still gets young woman lining up to be his lover, possibly due to the influence his children have in the culture of Yaenma - they form one of the two clans of demon-blooded priests.

Elymas is the voice of Beyul, and although her consort-king is the official head of state with direct access to the Valley Beyond the Great Imprisonment, the Demon Prophet often takes certain liberties in providing an alternative interpretation of the Unquestionable's will. No matter what the husband of his patron's will is, or Beyul's fury, Elymas is confident that he'll survive. The Demon Prophet has a dark charisma which has been important in keeping the common people of Yaenma in line, particularly when he rides out ever moonless night and holds vast rallies to encourage patriotic loyalty to the Yozi cults and demon bloods that have run the country for the last 700 years.

Elymas can naturally enter Creation by riding through the portals that link Beyul's realm with Yaenma on a moonless night, but he must leave before the Sun shines upon him or he'll burn to dust. Since he formed only within the last 700 years and he dwells within the bound nation of Yaenma, not many, if any, sorcerer's know of Elymas. But if they did, he would likely be summoned to draw in people, both as crowds and as individuals into the influence of the summoner. He can also increase the worth an amount of prayer if he is leading the prayers. Elymas has intimacies towards his mistress Beyul (Contemptuous but loyal), Yaenma (Pride of the true craftsman), those who adore him (their total love needs to be rewarded with a particle of loyalty), himself (unabated egotism), his descendants (useful tools for his glory) and his steeds (that useful line of horse monsters).

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