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Ekilihclo - Palace of The Unchanged

Ekilihclo - Palace of The Unchanged - 3rd Soul of the Glacier that Preserves
Love of Beings Unchanged in their Innate nature.

Ekilihclo loves mortals, dragon kings, and Most Mountain Folk. He despises Exalts, the Olchilike and Chaos Seers, as they were a perfectly good individual and turned into completely different beings. If he could, the Palace of the Unchanged would keep all mortal beings as the babies they were born as, but even he cannot stop time, so Ekilihclo accepts these beings as they age. This acceptance goes so far that within the floating palace that is his main body, Ekilihclo keeps a population of mortals who were trapped in Malfeas and lets them live in relative comfort and safety. Whole generations have grown and died here, and Ekilihclo is proud that not one of them has Exalted. However, his patronage of mortals has only lead him to be furious as the Yozis as the plans for Infernal Exalted becomes more and more apparent, and while the Palace cannot face down any of those former Primordials, he'll prepare his wards to avoid interference from these new Chosen of Hell.

Ekilihclo is a flying palace made of Brass and Unicorn Bone, designed to resist assault in not only the 3 mortal dimensions but many, many more that even Exalts cannot imagine. His mortal form is of a king of great beauty, but a kind of beauty mortals can also achieve, except for a single, and now broken, horn on his forehead. The horn is the only remaining scar from the Crippling, as one of his many powers allows Ekilihclo to undo scars, mutations and body modification on any target. Why he didn't do it to the other 3rd circle souls of J'Qeju is unknown, but it is the least miraculous of his powers. He can banish any possessing spirit, cure Mountain Folk of being a Chaos Seer and temporarily suppress the powers of an Exalt. However, Ekilihclo's greatest power is Seal Upon Exaltation, which is linked to how he enters Creation. If any mortal beats an Exalt in their specialised field, such as out casting a twilight sorcerer or winning a debate against an eclipse, and announces that they refuse any Exaltation, The Palace of the Unchanged will appear before the mortal and place the Seal Upon Exaltation on the human's soul, ensuring that they cannot Exalt unless they change their mind on the Chosen and become a radically different person from when they accepted the seal. This has lead Ekilihclo to be the viewed as the closest a demon can become to being good in the eyes of the Immaculate Faith.

The main reasons to summon Ekilihclo are to deal with either an Exalt, an Olchilike or a Chaos Seer. He is also summoned to stop mortals from Exalting using his Seal Upon Exaltation. However, his Intimacies should be considered when summoning Ekilihclo; to his Yozi (Loyalty of a servant to an exiled master), to mortals (adoration of their unchanged nature), several negative ones to Exalts, Olchilike and Chaos Seers (a mix of pit, disgust and pure fury), another negative one to those who give out Exaltations, especially the Unconquered Sun but not including the Yozis (Rage at destroying the original mortal
states of humans), to not being attack (to protect himself and his wards) and to his beautiful appearance (pure, unmitigated vanity of what has not changed).

Associated Yozi:


Associated  2nd Circles Demons:

Ligeia, Siren of the Dead - Messenger Soul of the Palace of The Unchanged

Gyushi, Repairman to the Broken - Wisdom Soul of the Palace of The Unchanged

Associated 1st Circle Demons:

Elimi, The Unliving Deals; Progeny of the Siren of the Dead

Wanemep'hou, The Anteater Repairmen; Progeny of the Repairman to the Broken

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