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Frozen 3rd Circles of J'Qeju

Aishvarya (Fetch: the Prince of Consistency) - Even before the Crippling and his subsequent preservation, Aishvarya was a unchanging constant - a magnificent marble statue of being more beautiful than even Ligier. The Prince of Consistency can only move using the power he was famed for, the ability to change the constant nature of any being less than a Primordial. He dares not use this power however due to fears of hurt J'Qeju with such an action, possibly to the point of a third soul dying, Aishyarya never used his power, and as such, no-one really knows of it's existence beyond J'Qeju, Hrang and Orabilis.

Hrang (Warden of Unchanging Histories) - Sometimes referred to as the rival of Orabilis, this is one sided from Orabilis. Hrang merely shows the truth, unaltered and unfettered, occasional showing lesser demons things that Orabilis has to keep secret, leading to the aforementioned hatred from the End of All Wisdom. Hrang can also force others to tell the whole truth, silence fiction and reveal pasts that even he was not witness to. He is summoned to reveal lost truths and secrets of the past that cannot be found elsewhere.

Prokletije (Immortal of Immortals) - Life has to end one day, as all things must die. Prokletije thinks this is wrong. As she represents J'Qeju's love of the long lived, as such, is a well known bestower of long life and prosperity, although since the becoming a Demon, the Immortal of Immortals has given subtle curses to all that she blesses, drawing them closer to the Yozis, and eventually imprisoning her targets in the Demon City and eventually getting absorbed by the Glacier that Preserves. However, Prokletije is still obsessed with creating Fountains of Youth, some of the older ones occasional have been found to survive since the Primordial war.

Gramr (The Everchanging Prison) - When the Iakiju tried to stop change, he would imprison the offender in a unique, if despisable prison - Gramr. This third circle was once a might prison, whose insides were constantly changing to keep it's inmates imprisoned, although this constant change did annoy the Yozi of Crippled Souls. Now eternally Preserved, several of it's inmates are trying to escape, as J'Qeju didn't freeze them with Gramr. Gramr is usually summoned to create prisons or hold suspects until trial if an entirely new prison is not worth the summoner's time and resources.

Namtar (The Fortress against the Chaos) - J'Qeju hates the Fair Folk and the Wyld, so in his attempts to hold it off when he was Iakiju, it was logical that Namtar was formed, a protector against that madness. Namtar is the fortitude of the Glacier that Preserves against the Wyld, and if summoned, can hold back the Wyld, destroy Raksha and shape the chaos into a stable form. If summoned, Namtar appears as an Orichalcum head mounted on a body that appears to be made out of three towers. Before the 'Crippling', he was feared as one of the greatest masters of siege warfare, taking and holding the fortresses in the Primordial war, but ultimately failing in winning the war.

Kee-Wakw (Totem of Never Ending Traditions) - What laws do not enforce and instinct demand, there lives tradition, and with it Kee-Wakw, the Totem of Never Ending Traditions. She stands for a wide range of ideals and cultural habits that form the consistency of societies. She actually helped start the first societies of Hell, and was occasionally summoned to modify societies and trap enemies in complex social nets they cannot escape due to their traditions and past.

Associated 2nd circle demons:

Pressyne, The Enduring Waters of Repair - Protective Soul of the Immortal of Immortals.

Arati, Tempting Princess of Inchoate Azure - Reflective Soul of the Totem of Never Ending Traditions

Associated 1st circle demons:

Melqart, The Recreationist Dolphins; Progeny of the Enduring Waters of Repair

Uzrems'Ga, The Chaos Brewers; Progeny of the Tempting Princess of Inchoate Azure

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