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Ligeia, Siren of the Dead

Ligeia, Siren of the Dead
Messenger Soul of the Palace of The Unchanged
Why should death change a mortal? The end of life doesn't necessarily mean the end of a person, as long as they do not reach Lethe and remain a ghost instead. And thus is Ligeia, Siren of the Dead. Ekilihclo wants mortals to stay the same and thus Ligeia spreads this message to those who die, able to tempt the dead to continue on as the undead. Her powers of persuasion are especially powerful on ghosts and those nearing death. She can even convince those who are dying to deny the call of Lethe and move onto the Underworld.

Ligeia is almost always summoned to help in deals with the dead or to keep a soul bound to Creation so that it can remain with the summoner. She also enters Creation when a singleton begs the heavens to protect a love one from the imminent death over three days, and if these prayers turn to curses for the perceived failure, then Ligeia enters Creation, and whispers her beautiful temptation into the dying, so that when they breath their last, they'll ignore the call of Lethe and become ghosts. If there are many people dying around her, then Ligeia will remain in Creation to make them all ghosts, but if not, she rushes back to her fiefdom in Malfeas.

Ligeia's fiefdom is a small collection of streets, where ghosts stuck in the Demon City are slowly drawn to by the songs of Ligeia. She favours the souls of the dead over the first circles of her domain, and such ghosts are given a wide range of powers over the lesser demons that inhabit her domain. However, whenever Ligeia leaves for Creation, the ghosts of her domain feel a draw towards Lethe, allowing them to breach the divide between worlds and return to the cycle of reincarnation. As such, Ligeia tries to stay in her little dominion for as long as possible to avoid the escape of her souls.

Ligeia looks like a beautiful five horned human woman with two sets of bird wings instead of arms, and fish scales instead of hair or feathers. Her intimacies include Ekilihclo (patron who deserves respect), ghosts (Those that need to be preserved), singers (professional respect), those who mourn (sympathy) and a negative one to Lethe (hatred for the thief of the dead).

Associated Yozi:


Associated 3rd Circle Demon:

Ekilihclo - Palace of The Unchanged

Associated 1st Circle Demons:

Elimi, The Unliving Deals; Progeny of the Siren of the Dead

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