Saturday, 5 November 2016

Zak'kaqin'gim, The Chimeras Unknowable; Progeny of the Creator of half-beautied life:
  No-one suspects some random deaths in Malfeas are perfectly predictable, and even foretold by the victim. It was however hard to believe them as they keep quoting the same phrase in their mad, paranoid rambling - "Zak'kaqin'gim"; a phrase that has no meaning in any language, but the victims often claim it does. Some have tried to follow these ramblings for clues to such deaths, but this only leads to another predation. Survivors describe their attackers as having the outline of a strange mutant, but made up of the bodies of various animals, demons and peoples that look like they've all been packed in to fill their outline. Those who survive for too long or too often tend to fall into ever stranger and more dangerous incidents until they die. These include burning in invisible flames, being disintegrated bit by bit from poisoned wounds, brains melting out of ears and many other twisted ways; but all share one trait, cut marks on the target where the death seems to start from.

The Chimeras Unknowable are as such, largely unknown by the forces Hell, but all attempts to investigate lead only to vague suggestions that Ceto made them to hide her secret's and failures, this is mostly conjecture. No exact philosophy, cause or motivation has been found to drive their actions, and it seems they create conspiracies and cabals for unknown and forbidden reasons. It's unknown how more are made, but many demons seem to know the term Zak'kaqin'gim on day and forget about it the next, just before a spike in mysterious and unexplained events.

The Zak'kaqin'gim are completely unknown in Creation, so no sorcerer has summoned them, according to available intel. There is also no known way for them to enter Creation on their, even if their goals would take them there; although this is only according to what has been pieced together about them. Their intimacies are obviously unknown, but likely include Ceto, their own secrecy and their hidden goal or goals. That's of course, if they even have intimacies like other beings.

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