Saturday, 5 November 2016

Knout, The Flagellant Lemmings;

Knout, The Flagellant Lemmings; Progeny of the Demon prophet:
 Elymas was once told his religious activities were all a farce to control the mortal population. The Demon Prophet asked if the mortal would follow any cause to it's end, with the human replying that no spawn of the Yozi could do that. Taking it as a challenge, the 2nd Circle Demon created what looked like a lemming with four horns, tusks, saberteeth and nine whip like tails. With this new 1st circle, the old man's whole village was driven into a suicidal madness, forcing him to be driven off a cliff in the mob's rampage. Elymas was victorious, and the first Knout was unleashed upon the universe.

Knout now swarm across Malfeas, a scourge to all the multitudes of hell. They gather in great frenzied meetings, with their loud shouts and adulations driving other demons into the same twisted stated and helping the chorus build up and affect more civilians of Hell. After a point this just leads to everyone involved into a carnival of suicidal stunts - every form of 'entertainment' that is put on kills or tries to kill the participants, leaving whole areas of Malfeas desolate of life. The Knout often Survive such events, as they are tough little demons that seem to survive most that the world throws at them. Which is annoying for most demons who try to kill them on sight. Luckily the Knout are few in number and no-one knows how they come into existence. This lack of population growth is the only thing that keeps the Flagellant Lemmings from fulfilling the deepest desires for self-destruction.

Knout enter Creation whenever multiple people commit suicide together - these demons will try to encourage more death amongst mortals. They are rarely summoned, due to the Flagellant Lemmings being a fairly new species of demon, but if they bound, they are best used for crowd control or designing original execution methods. Their intimacies include Elymas (Guide and creator), Death (Entertaining), Self-destructive behaviour (Fun to watch, fun to do), Festivals (SHOW TIME!), Mobs (Home sweet Home), the preservation of their race (If we die, who'll lead the carnivals!) and pain (For the lols).

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