Saturday, 5 November 2016

Rogehpleb, The Stealing Shadows

Rogehpleb, The Stealing Shadows; Progeny of the Creator of half-beautied life:
 In the little dark corners of Malfeas, one can sometime see what seem to be a pair of red eyes. While many dismiss this as a facet of Hell's oddities,  a clever mind realises that such thoughts seem to come from an outside source. That would be the Rogehpleb in the corner, the Stealing Shadows.

While not widely known, the Rogehpleb do not try to hide their existence, only their presence. They are very honest creatures, it's just that if they choose to keep a secret, they will do so. The greatest secret they keep is their duty - to steal inspiration from other demons and bring it back to Ceto. However, this is not useful to Ceto most of the time as most demons are unimaginative, especially in ideas of making new monsters. As such, these demons rarely report back to their creator, but that doesn't mean they achieve nothing most of the time. Their secrecy, helped by literally being slithering shadows with red eyes, allows them to serve as excellent spies for other more powerful demons and occasional as strategic advisors for gangs, as they can get ideas for new crimes from rival groups.

The Rogehpleb enter Creation whenever a theft is committed on the night of a new moon, using the natural darkness to hide themselves for a time. They are mostly summoned as spies and saboteurs, as their ability to read minds and steal ideas is perfect for such work and their ability to keep secrets is incredible, almost to the power level of 2nd circle demons. However, they lack raw strength in their material form, so are not to useful for most physical actions in their line of duty; and finally, the Stealing Shadows are not very well known, so most sorcerers never even find out about their existence. The intimacies of the Rogehpleb include Ceto (Loyalty to a disappointed mistress), Shadows (Home sweet home),  Secrets (All mine), a negative one to the material form (embarrassed for weakness and uselessness), Minds (Good reading) and New Ideas (Wasted in the hands of others).

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