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Kanohi Kemki – Mask of skills – gives the most basics of each skill set for jobs in the Matoran Universe. You do not know how to use these skills once you remove the mask but you can use it as the basis of self teaching while you wear this mask. The Noble version doesn’t help with the self teaching
Kanohi Lifagi – Mask of transformation – transforms one object into any other object for a limit period of time, about 30 seconds. Cannot be used on or use to create living organisms, kanohi or protosteel. The Nobel level does not permit the use to create extreme transformations like water into a sword, but it could turn a broken dagger into a sword.
Kanohi Belot – Mask of Grave Robbing – Allows the wearer to take amputated or just dead limbs and body attachments and add them on to their own body. They are permanent with the Great mask but go and later return when the Noble mask is added or removed. Toa consider this mask immoral as it encourages unnecessary violence and death.
Kanohi Manoji – Mask of Limits – Reduces the capabilities of enemy powers, like Great Kanohi to Nobel kanohi level power. The Nobel can only target one opponent and they must be focused upon. Toa consider this mask immoral.
  Kanohi T’raka– Mask of Brutality – Increases the damage and pain caused by wounds inflicted by the user to be far worse, and by passes some of the targets toughness. The Noble version only slightly increases damage and pain inflicted. Toa consider this mask to be cruel and immoral.
Kanohi Cordak – Mask of Desolation –Destroys everything in a sphere of radius of about 50 kio into it’s atoms except for the user and the mask. Has to be worn for several days to charge up the attack. The noble version does a non-elemental version nova blast that covers the same area, takes longer to recharge and if not worn starts to lose the charge. Toa consider this mask immoral as it encourages using mass destruction as a first resort and can do a level of damage that can seriously threaten Mata Nui.
 Kanohi Lodaru – Mask of Oaths – Allows the wearer to enforce oaths and promises made by other people so that they cannot break them. The Noble version is only able to enforce deals that the user is a party to.
 Kanohi Unach – Mask of Sharing – The wearer can share powers with allies that are in a limited range. The noble version has a shorter range.
 Kanohi Tikan – Mask of Glory – The wearer’s abilities and powers are increase and modified based on the stories told about them that are not deliberate lies. The Great Version can great the user new powers while the Noble version only enhances powers that they already have.
 Kanohi Ludosa – Mask of Distress Signal – When the wearer is in extreme peril it releases a psionic signal to all recognised allies, no matter how far they are from you, that explains where you are and the danger you are facing. The Noble Version gives less exact information.
1Kanohi Ken’al – Mask of Honour – The wearer can enforce they honour code and ethics on too one target they can see. The Great Version means that the wearer’s ethics will always win out if the two codes are in conflict and the target is unaware of what changes have been made too their morality, only that changes have been made. The Noble version means the wearer’s ethics will be ignored if in conflict with the target’s original morality and that target knows of the changes made to their moral code. Both versions defend against other copies of this mask’s power but the Noble version cannot defend against the Great Version. Some toa, but not all consider this mask immoral, as it can make evil doers understand the pain and misery they induce with their actions.
   Kanohi Tinesh – Mask of Empathy – Can sense and understand the causes of emotions in nearby individuals whose presence they’re aware of. The Noble version only senses emotions, not what causes them
 Kanohi Joula – Mask of Imagination – Can create anything the user can imagine as long as they focus on it. The Noble version cannot create living beings, protosteel or kanohi.
  Kanohi  Protderma – Mask of Protodermis – Gives the wearer elemental powers over protodermis in all forms except energized protodermis, to which it gives immunity from destruction and negative mutations but doesn’t guarantee positive mutations. Harder to use these powers then regular elemental powers. The Noble version gives turaga level elemental power and cannot create protosteel.
  Kanohi Antoderma – Mask of Antidermis – Gives the wearer Elemental powers over antidermis, and protects against negative effects of the substance. Like the kanohi Protderma, the antidermis powers are harder to control than regular elemental powers. The noble version gives turaga level elemental powers.
Kanohi Gyka – Mask of Thermal Resistance – Gives the wearer immunity too all extremes of heat, both hot and cold. The Noble version only increases the range of safe temperatures for the user by 10times in both the hot and cold directions.
 Kanohi Unka – Mask of Sense sharing – Allows the user to share the senses of all allies within a certain radius with each other. The Noble version has a short range and can only share senses that the user natural possess.
  Kanohi Siqa – Mask of Sensory Deprivation – Target loses access to all senses they possess. Multiple people can be under the effect of this mask, up to about 10, but it depends on the exact situation. The Noble version only takes the sense away from one target.
Kanohi Gozia – Mask of wall walking – Allows the wearer to walk on any surface and to resist any power that tries to remover from that surface. The Noble version only permits walking on any surface.
  Kanohi Orfu – Mask of Curses – Puts a temporary curse on a target which must have a way to break it and cannot be lethal. Curses must be said in the presence of and understood by the target and will last for at most 24 hours. The wearer has to wait five minutes before applying a new curse, and no target can be the victim can be affected by two curses at the same time. The Noble version has 10 minutes between curses, curse last up to 12 hours, cannot target a person that has been cursed, or a blessing from a Kanohi Fevuja or a power from the Mask of Conjuring, in the last 12 hours and any blessing from a Great Kanohi Fevuja, the mask of blessing, no matter the effect, will break any curse. Neither version can put a curse on someone using a Great Fevuja, while the Great Orfu can curse some one wearing a Noble Fevuja. Toa consider this Kanohi to be immoral.
 Kanohi Fevuja – Mask of Blessings – puts a blessing on a target that is not the user. Cannot be used on people wearing or a Kanohi Orfu cannot be targeted by this kanohi. Blessing last until a certain condition has been meet or when 24 ends and the mask wearer must wait 5 minutes before applying. No new powers may be given to the target, except for new senses, otherwise only power ups of their attributes and normal powers, equivalent to wearing a Great kanohi that enhances such traits. The Blessings from Great kanohi Fevuja can also cancel out the curses of Noble Orfu as a side effect. The Noble version can only make blessings last for 12 hours at most, upgrade senses and attributes like noble kanohi, cannot apply blessings to some one who has been blessed by this kanohi, cursed by a kanohi Orfu or empowered by a mask of conjuring. The Noble Version cannot break curses with it’s blessing and does not defended against Great Kanohi Orfu. Both versions cannot defend against curses from an Orfu of the same level and putting on this mask will break the curse of a Noble Orfu. Both versions of this mask cannot target the wearer.
Kanohi Wembi –Mask of Power Theft – Allows the wearer to remove the powers of one target that they can see for fifteen minutes and for that duration the wearer gains those powers. The Noble version has five minutes cool downs between uses and can only copy certain powers to certain degrees, like only gaining noble level kanohi powers or turaga level elemental powers. Toa consider this mask immoral.
 Kanohi Debu – Mask of Switching – Allows the wearer to switch physical locations with another being that they can see, visions given by a Kanohi Suletu or a telecommunication systems count, but only if they are of the present. The Noble version can only be used with a willing target and cannot be someone seen using telecommunication systems of a Kanohi Suletu.
  Kanohi Koliga – Mask of Pocket Dimension – Allows the user to prepare a pocket dimension which they decided the laws of physics and contents of it. The Wearer can then use this kanohi to take any individuals they choose from within a radius, about 100 bio or so, with them into this pocket dimension. While it cannot give the wearer complete control of this pocket dimension they can design it to best suit their powers and abilities. Also, beings that enter this realm cannot be denied their powers, killed or be put under the control of the wearer by the physical laws of the dimension. It can only be altered when no-one is within the pocket dimension. The noble version can only hold people in the pocket dimension as long as the wearer concentrates, produces smaller dimensions and only allows minor deviations from the laws of physics of the real universe.
 Kanohi Quxan – Mask of Stamina – Gives the user enhanced stamina, and slightly improves physical toughness, length needed between meals and necessary drinks, temperature resilience, regeneration rate and reduced time need for sleeping. The Noble version only gives enhanced stamina.
 Kanohi Quxiho – Mask of Toughness – Increases the user’s toughness, reducing damage they receive from attacks. The Noble version gives less of a toughness boost.
  Kanohi Pujwoa – Mask of Endurance – Replaces the wearer’s need to eat or drink and decreases necessary sleeping times. The Noble version only reduces the amount of food and drinks the user needs.
Kanohi Oniki’ikino – Mask of Opposite persona – Temporarily changes the user into their polar opposite in terms of personality and power, without crossing any of the deepest held convictions of the original persona. For example, a cold loner of a toa of Ice would be turned into a friendly and hot headed toa of fire, but not make them evil. The old personality guides and oversees the new persona and can turn off the power at any moment they choose, however the Noble version lacks the oversight of the great version and only lasts about 10 minutes. While using this, the wearer looks their regular self but in opposite colours.
Kanohi Saipa – Mask of Warning – Reveals any danger that an object or person might present to the wearer and how likely they are to become a threat. The Noble version doesn’t give exact details but it does warn if something is going to be a threat  and a rough indication of how likely a something is of being a threat to the use in three grades of danger.
  Kanohi Sujtro – Mask of Dream Oracle – When the user sleeps it gives visions of the what is happening around the wearer that could affect their life in place of dreams. However the Kanohi has to be worn while the user is awake to charge it. The Noble version gives less clear visions and takes longer to recharge
 Kanohi Luqu – Mask of Analysis – Allows the wearer to instantly analyse an object or living being that they can see to find out details about it’s powers, material construction and history. It will never reveal more then can be found using mundane analysis except for the target’s power. The Noble version takes several seconds to fully analysis and object.
3 Kanohi Fafoba – Mask of Shape Shifting – Allows the user to instantly take any form that exists and the user knows of up to 10% greater and less than their current form. The Great version allows them to gain abilities that this form possess that are not powers, like senses of natural poisons but not elemental powers or certain immunities, instantly know how to use the new form and can take the form of objects that are outside the size range as long as the wearer takes is the size range. Noble versions have none of those three advantages and take a while to change forms.
 Kanohi Zon’pu – Mask of Karma – Any affect done to the wearer is done back to whoever did said effect, whether positive or negative. The Noble version has a reduced version of the effect done instead of returning the favour in full.
   Kanohi Rezhy – Mask of Luck – Makes the user incredible lucky. The Noble version is less lucky.
Kanohi X’Sabi – Mask of Niche – Like the mask of adaption but instead of environment, it adapts the user to their role in their team. The Noble version takes longer to adapt and provides smaller bonuses.
 Kanohi Le’avi – Mask of Faults – Enhances physical weakness and personality faults of the target so they become easier to defeat. The Noble Version enhances these weaknesses less then the Great Version. Toa consider this mask immoral.
 Kanohi  Y’Takos – Mask of Storage – The wearer can store objects and living beings they touch in a statis inducing pocket dimension and then summon them again at a latter date. The Noble version cannot store living beings or objects over twice the volume of an average toa, although any such object or being that was stored by the mask when it was a Great version will stay in storage until summoned and any being who touches this mask and can wear or has to wear kanohi can summon object stored by it. If broken all the object stored in this kanohi will be turned into energy and cause the shards of this mask to explode.
Kanohi Peten’Zi – Mask of Fortress – Creates a fortress out of local materials around the user, up to 200 bio in any direction. The Noble version takes longer to create the fortress and produces small and weaker fortification.
Kanohi Benka – Mask of extra senses – Gives the wearer a wide range of new senses which include magnetoception, sense for natural disturbances, electroreception, pressure detection and gravy-perception. This mask is always on for the Great Version but has to be activated for ten minute intervals for the Noble version.
  Kanohi Darsta – Mask of Explosions – Causes any target object that isn’t a living being to explode that is within 100 bio of the user, if only part of the object is that range, then only that part of the object explodes. The Noble version cannot cause proto-steel, energized protodermis, antidermis, any liquid, gas or plasma or any non-living organic substance, like a corpse, to explode and the explosions it creates are smaller. Toa consider this mask immoral as it encourages massive destruction and presents a series health risk.
   Kanohi Nelxi – Mask of Spying – The wearer targets one being they can see and from then on can know the exact location of that individual and what they sense at every moment. This lasts until the target is dead or the wearer chooses a new target. The Noble version is cut off it the target is at a range of ½ a mio, is blocked off by a wall of certain substances like proto-steel or the outer casing of Mata Nui, or the wearer removes this mask, and can only know what the target is sensing with senses they both have. Toa consider this kanohi immoral.
Kanohi  Jekisa – Mask of Recovery – Increases the wearer’s recovery rate against wounds and poisons, allows them to recovery from any disease or poison if they don’t die of it first, to regrow lost limbs and even survive decapitation if the head is returned with a minute and this mask is on during the whole process. The Noble version only increases regeneration  and healing rates.
Kanohi  Otosal – Mask of Nature – Ensures that natural phenomena like avalanches, storms, wild rahi attacks, etc, do not harm the wearer and they can sense disturbances to the natural order. Natural object can still hurt the user if command or controlled to do so by unnatural powers. The Noble version only grants the ability to sense disturbances in nature and gives increased resistance and healing rates for wounds induced by natural phenomena.
Kanohi Hordika – Mask of the Half-Beast – Allows the user to turn into a hordika for as long as they choose with all the powers and disadvantages. The Noble version turns the user into such a form for exactly 10 minutes, no more, no less.
 Kanohi Pima’Pima  - Mask of Repetition – allows the user to repeat any physical feat or power they have seen in the last hour, but only as many times as they saw other beings doing the feat. The Noble version only allows the replication of physical feats.
  Kanohi Axa’demci – Mask of Scholarship – Increases the rate at which the wearer can learn, teach, study and research. The Noble version only enhances the teaching and research capabilities.
47)   Kanohi Spatia – Mask of Weapons – Improves the wearer’s weaponry skills, weaponizes any object they wield and ensures they always have a weapon in hand. The Noble version does not enhance weapon skills and doesn’t weaponize normal objects, but does producing good walking sticks on demand.
  Kanohi Troche – Mask of Co-operation – Gives power boosts to all allies working together on a single task, this boost is based off of how well they work together and how many are working on the project together. The Noble version can only be activated for 5 minute bursts and only improves allies based on how well they work together.
Kanohi Peknato – Mask of Energy Conversion – allows the user to turn one energy form, like lightning, light, heat, kinetic, sound and radiation into any other of those forms. The Noble version cannot turn the energy in a moving living being into any other type of energy and cannot affect energy that is being used as an elemental power at that moment.
 Kanohi Pekjato – Mask of Energy Inversion – Allows the user to turn certain forms of energy into their opposite, heat to cold, light to darkness and sound to silence, but they can also do the reverse of this, creating heat in the cold, light from darkness, sound from quite places. The Noble version does this on smaller scales.
 Kanohi Tau’Sat’ni – Mask of Immorality – Gives the user all mask powers that nearby being consider immoral, however it does cause the user to experience all the psychological faults associated with these powers. The noble version only replicates the noble effects of such kanohi. Toa consider this mask immoral.
Kanohi Hequ – Mask of motivations – Allows the user to know what motivates and drives in life of the people that they see. The Noble version only reveals what the motivations of their current actions are.
   Kanohi Riasta – Mask of Battle Form – Allows the user to enter a battle form, which enhances their physical attribute to improve their fighting style, weaponize their whole body, increase their weapon skill and make their weapons tougher and more accurate. The Noble version does not enhance physical attributes and weapon skills of the user as much as the Great or improve their weapons  in any way.
Kanohi Nydy – Mask of Will – Infinite will power and can refill the will of nearby beings, also defends against psionic and emotional affects. The noble version of gives the user a lot of willpower and lets them slightly recover the will of their allies.
  Kanohi Una’a – Mask of Purity – Protects the user from all poisons, allows them to instantly purify poisoned objects and heal poisonings in mere moments. The Noble version doesn’t automatically protect the user from poison and takes more time to heal poisonings and purify objects.
Kanohi Tewxi – Mask of Self-Definition – Protects the user from poison, mutation, curses, psionic and emotion effects, mask powers, etc. This kanohi is always on a low level. The Noble version means the user must focus to protect against such effects.
 Kanohi Jompa – Mask of Fluid Form – Allows the user to instantly take the form of a self-propelling liquid or gas in which they can decide their shape, volume, viscosity and density. The noble version means they are slower in the fluid form and cannot change volume, viscosity and density and transformation takes time. At both levels the user can become plasma for if they possess plasma powers or heat immunity.
   Kanohi Pektaro – Mask of Energy Absorption – Allows the user to absorb the elements of light, sonics, gravity, magnetism, fire, lightning, psionics and plasma like toa of those elements. The Noble version gives the same but at turaga level powers.
  Kanohi Altaro – Mask of Elemental Absorption – Allows the user to absorb the elements of shadow, water, ice, stone, earth, iron, air and the green like toa of those elements. The Noble version gives the same but at turaga level powers.
  Kanohi Oheni – Mask of Amputation – When the wear’s body parts are cut off they will animate and try and reattach themselves to the body. The head can also do this but if it takes more than a minute the head and all the body parts die. The only ways to stop the amputated parts is either to destroy them absolutely or to kill the mask wearer. The Noble version only animates body parts that are within half a kio of the user, will not animate body parts amputated when the mask was not on and the limbs will not animate if blocked by certain substances like proto-steel.
 Kanohi Slazta – Mask of Fire Power – Whenever the user shoots, throws or launches a projectile, this mask creates between 3 and 10 energy copies of the projectile that fly at the target as well. The Noble version only produces one copy with the projectile.
Kanohi Nuvato – Mask of Necessity – Like a stronger version of the Calix that only activates when the user needs it’s power most. The Noble version gives a lesser bonus.
Emotional Kanohi:
These masks all have the same rough set of powers, to create, quell, sense and understand the causes of a particular emotion in beings around you.
The emotions include:
Kanohi Akn – Mask of Anger
Kanohi Dio – Mask of Despair
Kanohi Lufuce –Mask of Greed
Kanohi Itetoo – Mask of Ego
Kanohi Renfa – Mask of Fear
Kanohi Mish – Mask of Sadness
Kanohi Uvwi – Mask of Peace
Kanohi Oto – Mask of Hope
Kanohi Hypai – Mask of Joy
Kanohi Troxina – Mask of Paranoia and distrust.
Kanohi Petica – Mask of Trust
Kanohi Rizna – Mask of Satisfaction
Kanohi Wefi – Mask of Curiosity
Kanohi Kark – Mask of Boredom
Kanohi Revah – Mask of Amazement
Kanohi Nyruo – Mask of Kindness.
Toa consider the Kark, Troxina, Mish, Rizna, Lufuce, Itetoo, Renfa, Dio and Akn to be immoral. The Kanohi Rizna, mask of satisfaction is considered dishonourable due to the fact it can make one content with a half done duty or destiny.

Kanohi Lemtik - Mask of Names - Allows the user to known the name of any object they see and no what the basic facts on something or someone whose name they hear or read. The Noble version gives less information when encountering a new name.

Kanohi Zacozsi - Mask of Twister - Spins the user around creating a twister that they can control, think Taz from Loonie toons. When they are finished in this form, the user can send the twister away in one direction causing chaos and destruction. The Noble version only allows the user to turn into such a form for several seconds.

Kanohi frexfiwnia - Mask of confusing anarchy and chaos - causes a tempory twisting and bending of the laws of physics as long as the user focuses. What changes occur is unpredicted and non-living objects are known to transform randomly and spontaneously. The Noble version has a limit of 30 seconds. Toa consider this power immoral due to it disrupting nature.

Kanohi Maratio - Mask of Deception - Makes the user better at lying and deception through other means, while supernaturally enhancing the belief others have in their attempts at trickery and falsehood. The Noble version only enhances their users abilities. Toa consider it immoral due to it's encouraging of acts that the user has to hide through lying.

Kanohi Ticomo - Mask of Memories - Allows the user to alter the memories of targets, deleting, restoring, altering or adding new memories. The Noble version only allows alteration and restoration. 

Kanohi D'hime - Mask of Grace - Gives the user impeccable balance, manners and poise, makes them and any thing they make better looking and makes move with a near impossible grace. The Noble version only gives lesser benefits.

Kanohi Haque - Mask of Rumours - Allows the wearer to know who is talking about them and where they are. The Noble version only reveals that people are talking about you and their direction. Both versions make the user sneeze more often for some reason.

Kanohi Beshiti - Mask of Limbs - Gives the wearer as many extra pairs of limbs as they wish, as long as they have space on the body. The user can remove or add limb pairs as they like. The noble version only allows additional limbs equal to how many natural limbs they possess.

Kanohi Ny'zuva - Mask of Sanctuary - When the wearer first wears this mask, it registers that location as their 'save point'. When the mask is later used, the wearer is instantaneously teleported to that site. If the Kanohi is stored in the Suva of a user, it over writes the old 'save point' and chooses the suva as the new 'save point'. The Noble version takes some time to return the user back to their 'save point'.

Kanohi Quembo - Mask of Banishment - Banish a target to some distant location, up to 50 kio away, that while it won't kill them or permanently trap them, will stop them from returning within one hour of normal travel, the mask has a cool down time equal to twice as many seconds as kios that the last target was banished to. The Noble version can only banish up to 1 kio and takes a whole 30 seconds to cool down.

Kanohi Valmai - Mask of Accursed Place - The user activates this mask, which creates an obelisk some where the user can see. The obelisk is now bound to the user and will drain the land around one kio from the obelisk of energy, sucking the nutrients out of plants, draining powers from objects with temporary power like kanoka or batteries, causing elemental powers to require more power, and draining the excess, making poisons and acids more dangerous and degrading non-living or protodermis made objects and send all that energy to the user. If the Obelisk or mask is destroyed the effect ends. Each user can have up to 3 obelisks, that cannot be within 2.5 kio of each other. When the Great version is removed it only stops draining the land of energy. If the kanohi gets a new wearer, they are not able to draw from the old obelisks

Mask of dragon, mask of comet, mask of empowering masks, mask of sapience, mask of ownership, mask of honesty, mask of secrets, mask of encouragement, mask of scout, mask of spirit guard, mask of shattering, mask of eldritch experience, mask of Kraata, mask of conflict, mask of peace, mask of energy blasts, mask of feeding-energy, mask of the unpredicted, mask of entrapment, mask of binds, mask of vaporisation escape, mask of battle survival.
Kanohi Drackos – Mask of Dragon – While worn, gives the user tougher armour, sharp rending claw, a tail, wings and fire breath, but makes them more temperamental and gold loving. The great version is always on, the noble version forces the user to focus on it’s power.
Kanohi Kokomo – Mask of Comet – Makes the user travel at several times  than a Kakama for a short, straight distance, or curving no more then 45° in an arc, which the user becomes virtual indestructible and damages or knocks out of the way  of the user. The noble version protects the user less and travels at a slower speed.
Kanohi  Kanuihi – Mask of Mask Empowerment – Increases the powers of all other kanohi around the user based of that kanohi’s level. This mask is always on at a low level. The Noble version only powers up a mask as much as it’s noble equivalent.
Kanohi  Atydi –Mask of Sapience – Give full sapience all unintelligent life forms and robots that are around the user when the mask is used for about 10 minutes. The Noble version only lasts as long as the user focuses or ten minutes, which ever is shortest.
Kanohi Atyhio – Mask of Sentience – Gives all weapons, tools, masks, etc, that are around the user a distinct mind and personality as long as the mask is activated. During this time beings can communicate with any of these objects by touching it. The user must please, or at the very least not displease, an object in order to use it, otherwise any powers or technological abilities the object has will not work for the user and any attempt to use it physically will be hampered. Objects charge by the Kanohi Hanika will always work for the user they are ‘charged’ too.  The Great Version effect lasts for about 10 minutes, the Noble version lasts only 5 minutes.
Kanohi Hanika – Mask of Ownership – This mask is always on at a low level. Over time the items the wearer uses become ‘charged’ and lose charge when separate for considerable periods of time. The more charged an item is, the more powerful and effective it becomes in the hands of the user, and the weaker and less effective it is in the hand of other beings. The wearer can also find the object more easily if lost and it is hard to damage or destroy the more it is charged. The noble version takes longer to charge up an item and the charge leaves the item faster.
Kanohi Tuvqui – Mask of Secrets – Makes the user better at keeping secrets, indentifying and investigating the secrets of others and gives them supernatural knowledge of how many people know of their secrets and why they know those secrets. The noble version grants all these powers but at a lower level. This mask is always on at a lower level.
Kanohi Nivish – Mask of Encouragement – Gives the user constant encouragement to fulfil their duty and destiny, while also giving them useful advice every now and then, while also improving their ability to encourage others. The Noble version only gives the secondary effects.
Kanohi Jaka – Mask of Scout – Creates a spectral projection that move in front of the user for about 200 bio, which ends in a copy of the user. The user must move along this projection and can see, hear and smell all sensations along the projection, they also move faster than their normal rate. The user can cancel the power at any moment they choose, stopping at that very moment. The Noble version has a projection that can only go 100 bio, the user moves at their normal movement rates along it and does not stop automatically when they stop the mask power.
Kanohi Boka – Mask of Spirit Sentry – Creates a spirit copy of the wearer that they can sense through and can possess object for them. The Great version is always on while the noble version has to activated at command and only lasts 5 minutes.
Kanohi Xuli – Mask of Shattering – Causes enemy weapons and ammunition to break in contact during an attack with the user and makes the user’s own attacks against inanimate objects more powerful. The noble version provides weaker effects. With both levels the user has to focus to activate this power.
Kanohi Trekro – Mask of Eldritch Experience – the user exposes one target to an experience not unlike seeing an eldritch abomination. It takes 10 minute to recharge between uses for the Great version and 1 hour for the noble version. Toa consider this mask immoral.
Kanohi Kraata – Mask of Kraata – Allows the user to gain the power of all kraata their an area and influence the behaviour of nearby kraata and rahkshi. The noble version grants weaker versions of the kraata powers.
Kanohi Skakdi – Mask of Skakdi – Allows the user to take the form of a generic skakdi, losing all their native powers but gain skakdi powers instead. For all scans, supernatural or technological, they are detected as skakdi and their temper and desire to fight rise slightly. The Great version has to be focused on to change in and out of skakdi form, while the Noble version allows the user only remain a skakdi as long as they focus. Like the Kanohi Rahiko, it initial takes the form of a non-descript mask, but when first used, takes on the form of the user’s face as a skakdi.
Kanohi Deshidi – Mask of the Unpredicted – Makes the user better at reacting too unpredicted events and actions, while also giving them ideas in fights that the enemy would not predict from the user. The Noble version only grants the first power.
Kanohi  Auh – Mask of Entrapment – The user traps a target in an energy sphere which the target cannot escape from. The sphere lasts as long as the wearer can focus and can take any blow that a kanohi Hau can take. The noble version only resists attacks the a noble hau can take and any teleportation of the target can free them.
Kanohi Yoboi – Mask of Mole – The user can create a tunnel large enough for them to travel through in a solid surface, and must recharge for a time period equal to the time period spent digging. The Great version can do this for up to 1 hour at a time, removing enough material to let the user move at a leisurely walking pace through the tunnel and all material is compressed into the sides to reinforce the tunnel. The Noble version can only dig for up to 30 minute, removes soils at the rate equal to a slow walk of the user, all the removed material is piled up just in front of the tunnel and the tunnel roof has to be supported by some other means. Neither version can dig through proto-steel or liquids.
Kanohi Beviu – Mask of Rope – The user can produce ropes at will that wrap around the target or targets. The user can use this power to tie up a target or link up multiple targets together. The Great version creates stronger ropes and gives the user some control over the ropes they create, while the Noble version only creates weaker ropes.
Kanohi Dus’nala – Mask of Self-Vaporisation – When the wearer takes enough damage to die, or is exposed to otherwise lethal conditions, their body explodes and the atoms that composed  their body recombine at a nearby location several days later, with the wearer back at full health. However, the mask is never rebuilt with the wearer’s body and has to be worn for a period of time before being used to charge the mask. The noble version takes longer to recharge, slowly loses it’s charge if remove and takes longer to rebuild the wearer. Toa consider this mask immoral due to it’s destructive nature and how it puts the user’s survival over the health of all those around it.
Kanohi Vusabinn – Mask of Battle Survival – Acts like the Mask of Adaption or Mask of Niche except that it operates much faster and modifies the user based on their current enemy combatants. All modifications will only help protect the wearer from their enemies’ powers and fighting style, not actually improve the wearer’s ability to defeat the enemy. Also the mask will always choose to give an inferior modification that protects against the powers of two abilities rather then two superior abilities that specifically counter those threats. The Great version only gives about 8 modifications at the best of times, the Noble version gives up to 4 modifications and all these are weaker than the Great Version modifications.
Kanohi Kem-Nui – Mask of Skill Mastery – When first worn, the wearer chooses a skill, like swordsmanship, sailing small boats, weapon and armour repair. From then one, when ever wearing this kanohi, they become the universe’s greatest master in that skill and cannot be beaten in it. The Noble version only makes the user better than anyone they’ve meet before first wearing the mask.
Kanohi Smeshu – Mask of Collision Momentum – When used, any being that is hit by the wearer is flung an incredible distance, and any attempted to push the wearer back with force is reflected back at the source of impact. Noble version gives less of an impact.
Kanohi Tak’hjal – Mask of Death Transformation – When the wearer is killed by another sapient being, the killer will slowly turn into a new copy of the wearer, losing their old personality, appearance, talents and powers as these are replaced. They’ll keep their old memories and gain only the memories of the wearer that directly relate to the target, but for all other purposes, they’ll become a copy of the wearer. The target’s destiny is also changed to become the destiny of the wearer. The mask has to charge up by been worn over a period of time before it can be used. The noble version takes a longer time to convert the target, takes longer to recharge, will lose it’s charge if not worn and unlike the Great Version, can be averted by certain mutagenic powers, a Kanohi Fevuja, a destined used of Energized protodermis or general cancelation powers. Toa consider this mask very immoral.
Kanohi Prixata – Mask of Spikes – When used, any number of spikes grow out of the body of the wearer, and across any body part the wearer chooses. These either fall off or are reabsorbed when the wearer chooses to do so. The Great version can create strong, lighter and larger spikes than the Noble version, while also permitting several features for the spikes not seen in the Noble version. These include a covering of razor sharp micro-spines, a capacity to be shot like ballista bolts, the ability to drill into their enemies, being able to bend at the wearer’s will and being able to peel of razor sharp layers into enemy flesh.
Kanohi Nobyski – Mask of Ammunition – The wearer’s weapons are always at full ammo and never clog or overheat. The noble version also gives infinite ammo but it has to empty the weapon and then it reloads, which takes several seconds. This mask is always on at a small level.
Kanohi Tyruko – Mask of Tar and Oil – The user can create and absorb a dark liquid, which is noted for it’s high flammability and inability to mix with water. The wearer can change the viscosity of the liquid with the Great Version of the mask, turning it from a thick substance not unlike tar, and used to hold enemies in place, to a slippery lubricant that easily vaporises in air. The Noble version can make either version but cannot change the viscosity at any point.
Kanohi Kual-Nui – Mask of Great Travel – The user can teleport anywhere that they know of instantly, however the mask cannot be used for a period of time equal to how long the user would have taken to get to that destination by another means.  The Great version can carry up to 6 times the user’s volume worth of material, and can only be blocked from a location by force fields or solid objects that completely block all routes to that location. The Noble version can only take the user and personal objects that they can carry and can be blocked by any obstacle that would block the user without supernatural endurance or vehicles.
Kanohi Taknika – Mask of Doppelganger – The wearer becomes an exact duplicate of one target that they have seen before. They lose all their natural powers and gain the powers of the target, and gaining all memories that target possess that directly relate to the wearer. The disguise automatically fails if the user is seen by the target. The Great version only needs to be focused on when the using is changing in and out of their form, while the Noble has to be focused on while the user is in another form, the Noble form can only replicate certain powers to the equivalent of Noble kanohi or turaga elemental powers.
Kanohi Akani – Mask of 360° Vision – allows the user to see in all direction around them. The Great version sees in all 3d directions while the Noble version sees only on a 2d plane at eye level.
Kanohi O’igni – Mask of Youth – Can make an organic object rewind and become a younger form again and can undo the affects of the mask of aging. This mask cannot be used to bring back the dead. The noble version causes only temporary changes and cannot undo the affects of a Great Mask of Ageing.
Kanohi Ytgo – Mask of Code – Can create a perfect coded message that will be instantly translated in the mind of the intended target. Codes made by the Great Version do not have to be obvious, can bypass the effects of a mask of Incomprehension, by using it’s scrambled up words as the code and cannot be broken by a noble Rau. The noble version always makes the code obvious, can only bypass a noble mask of incomprehension and can be broken by use of a noble Rau.
Kanohi Wena’al – Mask of Communication – Allows the wearer to communicate with any being as if conditions are optimal, such as no static on radios or the powers of certain kanohi such as the mask of incomprehension or a kanohi Shelek, but otherwise does not improve their communication capabilities, such as talking to someone across a chasm that they couldn’t normal communicate with. The Noble version cannot overcome certain effects, like Great Kanohi Shelek. This kanohi is always on at a low level.
Kanohi Tinebyu – Mask of Emotional Power – Allows the user to draw on the emotions of nearby being and uses them to fuel certain powers, such as drawing on anger to power up a fire breath attack. The Noble version produces weaker powers and requires more emotion.
Kanohi Bok-pakari – Mask of Pain strength – The wearer of this mask becomes stronger, tougher and faster the more pain and injury that is afflicted upon them. The Noble gives less powerful benefits.  This mask is always on at a low level.
Kanohi Boshina – Mask of Charge – Allows the user to charge power which enhances their next action when they stop charging. The Noble version takes longer to charge up and has a lower maximum charge.
Kanohi Reninarki – Mask of the Goblin Swarm – The mask summons a swarm of mischievous little bio-mechanoids that tear apart everything that isn’t alive, nick anything they like and cause havoc around the user, before leaving after several minutes, returning to what ever unknown location they originate from. The noble version summons less of the critters and the leave sooner. Toa consider this mask immoral. Makuta consider it impractical.
Kanohi Riz’vaa – Mask of Hive – While worn, the user’s body becomes the hive for a swarm of swarm, unique insect like rahi. These obey the wearer and fulfil their wishes, and can even be modified if desired to do so. The can be taken control of through powers like Insect control, but a slight bit of focus from the wearer will retake control of the rahi. The noble version produces less insect rahi that have less adaptability and the wearer finds it harder to retake control of the hive. Modifications can include stingers, silent flight, heat resistance, parasitism, enhanced sight, etc.
Kanohi Gequi – Mask of Budding – While worn, the mask makes the user grow larger and bulkier with time, increasing their strength. When the user dies, their body breaks apart and becomes several new individuals of their species, with toa and turaga producing matoran. The noble version has to be worn at the moment of death to activate, unlike the Great version which has to be worn at most a month before death, and makes the user grow at a slower rate.
Kanohi Akaty - Mask of Eyes - The user can cause eyes to grow anywhere on their body and on objects they are touching, and can look through those eyes. The noble version can only make one new eye at a time.
Kanohi Hytre - Mask of Floatation - Allows the user the sink or float in any liquid they are in, as well as deciding whether other individuals they can see will float or sink. The noble version only allows the user to float at the surface or sink to the bottom of the liquid and to control their own floatation level.
Kanohi Fre'Lo - Mask of Attention - The user can either increase or reduce  the attention that other individuals pay attention to the wearer or other targets they can see. The noble version can only target the user.

Kanohi Wipeo - Mask of Quick-Sand - The user can liquefy the ground in an area of 10 bio diameter in anywhere up to 50 bio from the user. The noble version only liquefies an area of one bio diameter anywhere within 10 bio of the user.

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