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Ao Ao, Hunter of the Dragon's Enemy

Ao Ao, Hunter of the Dragon's Enemy
Indulgent Soul of the Living Hoard
If a demon steals from another, Cecelyne's laws do not strictly stop them, and the strong take from the weak all the time. But some days, a grunt rumbles through the streets of the Demon City. A wise 1st circle will either return what was stolen or seek a powerful protector. Otherwise Ao Ao will start his hunt, this demon dragon will chase down the thief, chasing the poor target until he can catch them, either with his resin fangs or his icy breath. Not even the call to Creation can save his prey, as Ao Ao will follow them there and kill them under the yellow Sun of Creation, favouring the Unconquered Sun to the green light of Ligier. His poor victim will then be eaten alive and digested over several days while Ao Ao will return what is stolen and they are turn into pure essence.

Ao Ao has a strange appearance for a demon dragon, with the head of a peccary with the hairs thinning into scales where a mane should be, with ribbons of ice growing from behind each indigo scale to form a fleece not unlike sheep wool, except for it's freezing temperature and razor sharp edges. Many ask how he got his particular body parts, only to bitten by the 2nd Circle, so obviously it's a prickly subject for Ao Ao. Legend has it that Hreidmar punished his Indulgent soul for some folly, most likely losing the thief of a particularly valuable treasure or delaying the Unquestionable from escaping J'Qeju. This would also explain why the Hunter of the Dragon's Enemy seems to spend his free time between hunts searching for something he calls 'the Bladed Crown'. His journeys have taken him across Malfeas, from the sewers that lead to Kimbery, to the forests of Szorney, to the glorious forge of Ligier and even Beyul's valley domain. At the last he helped spawn a tribe of demon bloods in Yaenma - the Aoa, who view him as a patron of fertility, even though he has only had one such union with a human woman.

Ao Ao is invoked by sorcerers to be serve as a bounty hunter, tracking down and killing any target the summoner sees fit to die or finding stolen property. Ao Ao will spend any free time in Creation looking for stolen treasures and returning them to their owners, and he will let nothing stop him on these personal quests. Ao Ao's intimacies include Hreidmar (Fear and madness), the Hunt (pure joy), the Bladed Crown (I must get it!), the Aoa (Such a useful cult), the Unconquered Sun (the most beautiful thing I have seen), a negative one to Ligier (Damn show off), a negative one to thieves (tasty to eat), a negative one to his appearance (why must I be a freak?) and a complicated set of relationships to his fellow 2nd circles under Hreidmar (Two thieves, a kidnappers, a brainwasher, a hedonist and a lunatic, but someone has to save them from themselves).

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