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Kurupi, Mercenary of the Dragon's Vice

Kurupi, Mercenary of the Dragon's Vice
Defining Soul of the Living Hoard
Kurupi is often thought to be a fop; a disgusting, hedonistic and greedy fop. He looks like a blue skin humanoid with white slicked back hair and robes of great luxury and decadence, and usually found in a villa in his fiefdom somewhere between those of Jasy Jatere and the tower of Moñái, surrounded by gold, silver and jewels while several concubines, mostly demons but a few humans. His wealth is based off of various services he has performed for greater and more powerful demons, many of which were carnal and debase (even by demonic standards). Kurupi will proudly admit to these deeds and offers them when asked about it.

With this in mind, it would seem simple to label the Mercenary of the Dragon's Vice is a gigolo. But Kurupi is a very powerful demon; been taught sorcery, martial arts and many scores of other skills; he also has a wide range of artefacts, many of which are from the First Age and the Prehuman times. See, Kurupi is the defining soul of the Living Hoard, not the indulgent soul as many suspect. He is desire for treasure and precious things without any of the sloth, conservatism or restraint of Hreidmar that comes from being a direct part of J'Qeju. Because of this, Kurupi is able to see beyond the limitations of his master and see anything of value as worth his time. He'll do anything, if he gets paid. This attitude of Kurupi's annoys the Living Hoard, however the Demon Prince is more annoyed at the second circle soul's choice of form - Kurupi has the true form of a demonic dragon, but has strange stretching powers that allows him extend his form to ten times it's usual surface area and or twist into a humanoid form.

Kurupi is summoned by Sorcerers to act as a lover and entertainer, although some wiser sorcerers use him as a tutor for the many abilities he has picked up. He can also enter Creation willingly if a ruler of nation says they'll pay a demon any price they demand to perform some great deed. Kurupi will do what needs to be done and demand immense payment for his services, and if this is denied, he'll take the three closest relatives of the ruler that he thinks looks nice to make them his concubines. He'll sometimes send back his hostages if a ransom is paid for them, or if they become pregnant, although Jasy Jatere keeps saying he'll look after the children. His price is steep (Resources 4) and any deed that is extremely hard or that could be done by a first circle demon comes at an increased cost. He also hates when summoners use bindings to make him fulfil their wishes without paying Kurupi, and promises revenge on all that do so. Paying him one the other hand will win his trust and favour, for what ever it is worth.

The intimacies of the Mercenary of the Dragon's Vice include his patron (strained relationship of master and slave), treasure and knowledge (I want it all), his personal hoard (NO TOUCHING!), his fellow 2nd circles of Hreidmar (Prudes!), punishing those who don't pay him (Joy, nothing but joy) and the pleasures of the flesh and the mind (All to good at both).

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