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Moñái, Oyabun of the Dragon's Flock

Moñái, Oyabun of the Dragon's Flock
Understanding Soul of the Living Hoard
Malfeas has no magpies, but is does have many flying demons including agatae, noresores, and radeken with hell beasts like khomfai, unju, and sourn. While these have none of the covetous as those birds in Creation (except the unju), if a first circle demon sees a vast flock made of all kinds of demonic flyers, most know to run, especially if that flock has small glimmers of gold. This is the personal flock of Moñái, who serves his Demon Prince as a way to get more treasures by raiding various fiefdoms and districts across malfeas to steal precious objects.

The Oyabun of the Dragon's Flock does not control his forces by compassion or charisma but by his demon magic. He lacks horns on his head, instead having two antenna which swirl around and let him control all weak willed flying beings. He uses them for a wide range of actions, from manning the impossible citadel he found between two layers of Malfeas and claimed as his own; to carrying the wingless Moñái across the sky as a living sedan chair; to the aforementioned cloud of pillaging and terror. As such, this demon dragon is considered lazy and cruel by many, which is completely true. He considers his lordship of his towering fiefdom, his unholy flock-army and the study of all the treasures he has personally kept to be the makings of a worthy life.

Moñái is summoned by sorcerer's to control birds, either to turn them into tools or to keep them away from certain locations. Moñái sometimes captures birds from Creation to take back to Malfeas, but due to a lack of food and proper conditions, they used to die off. A Shogunate Sidereal sorcerer built an aviary to satisfy the 2nd circle demon's desire for aviculture, so now Moñái keeps over a 100 species of birds in his demonic citadel, some of which are lost in Creation. He can return the material world if a bird is thrown into a group of other birds to be killed, which will bring forth not only Moñái but some of his demon horde if more than one bird is killed this way or the death is dedicated to a Yozi or demon. The Oyabun of the Dragon's Flock has intimacies towards toward Hreidmar (Mentor in the ways of Greed), Treasure and pretty things (knick it all!), birds and all things that fly (my pretty's), raiding and raiders (it's what I do!), the open sky (like a 2nd home) and one to his fellow 2nd circles (Such fools do not understand my master of the air and it's creatures, but I'll show them).

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