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Ceto, Creator of half-beautied life

Ceto, Creator of half-beautied life
Indulgent soul of The Forest of the Tzitzimitl

Deep within the tangled roots of Itzpapalotl is a great beast, with the body of a tyrant lizard, patterned like an okapi, but with a scorpion tail, the feathers of a falcon, six insectoid arms and a shark face with a brass mask that covers the entire top half of her face and blinds her. This is Ceto, and around her is her workshop; with strange tools, oddly coloured tonics and what look like deflated demons all hang on the thorn like ends of various roots. All of it reveals Ceto's nature, not a torturer, as is all too common in Malfeas, but a craftswoman of new life forms - not only demons, but various beasts as well.

Ceto's labours have not gone unnoticed, as she is credited with the creation of at least 10 types of first circle demons, although in reality she has created closer to a hundred. Some of these have simply gone unnoticed by scholars and the majority of hell's populace, but most are destroyed by her for not living up to her high standards of usefulness. Her true joy is creating wild animals for the lost races of Itzpapalotl to use and hunt in their forested domains, although she crafts each animal to fill some specific niche within the larger eco-system that has yet to be filled. Ceto is however limited by her desire only to work on new original creatures and demons, thus she'll never make upgraded versions of previous life forms or remake lost species. This has lead to her one great shame, she's starting to get the breeders equivalent of writer's block - a complete and utter lack of original or unique ideas.

Ceto enters Creation whenever a mortal succeeds in creating a new species or truly unique breed of animal, although the latter is incredible rare (and usually requiring a trip close to the Wyld that she both loves and fears) and the former bores her to death; and yet as regular as clockwork she'll answer the call of temporary freedom, only to return to Malfeas after inspecting the new life form, it's creator and their little corner of the world. This has lead scholars, sorcerers, immaculate monks, members of the celestial bureaucracy and animal breeders confused, although the last group take such occasions as a mark of their skill and creativity. Whenever asked about these unusual trips, she'll answer with the same line -'one can dream'. The reason for this is Ceto's greatest dream is to make an entirely new sapient species, unlike anything seen before, and see it prosper across Malfeas or even Creation. To this end she help's Itzpapalotl's projects to recreate various extinct species, but she hates this work as it is never quite complete and lacks the originality that she so desires.

Ceto is summoned by sorcery to help with creating new species, producing new breeds of animal and occasional recreating lost creatures, although she dislikes the last one. Her intimacies include Itzpapalotl (patron and guide, but uninspired to the point of detestability), her many creations (my children, my such special little horrors), originality (to do otherwise is the one great sin), her laboratory (MINE!), animal breeders (similar but pale in comparison to me), those who dream of new marvels (kinship and loyalty), one to the Wyld (Loving fear and Fearful love) and negative one to the act of recreating or rebuilding from total ruination (utter detest).

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