Monday, 11 July 2016

Bim'jaq, The Demon Rangers

Bim'jaq, The Demon Rangers; Progeny of the Creator of half-beautied life:
Sometimes demons go to close to the heart of forests and find things that shouldn't be - even by Malfean standards- with wild animals fused to urban implements or ruins of settlements so desecrated as to churn the stomach of any hell-thing. If any 1st circle or mortal finds such things, they should not touch anything and either proceed with caution or run away, for that is the domain of the Bim'jaq, fanatics to their duty, and probably the most feared of Ceto's demon progeny, even if they look like oversized green furred squirrels with incredible foul mouths - in look, smell and language.

The Bim'jaq were created to protect wild and untamed parts of Itzpapalotl, and for a while they were successful at keeping peace in those forests. However, a combination of their sheer hatred for any form of civilization and their addiction to the base pleasures of life - wine, women and overly crass language - lead them to rampage across those iron woodlands and enter war with the prehuman races that they were supposed to keep balance with. After their subsequent defeat and exile, the Demon Rangers spread across Malfeas, hiding in dark corners of untouched or wild land and begin their long vigil against demonic civilization. If their warder domain is threatened with urbanisation, they'll simply swarm down into town and destroy every building and utility of city life. All sapient life they meet they'll try to kill and with the remains of demons and equipment the Bim'jaq will attach to wild life in their warded space to keep it 'safer'. Such incursions can be stopped with massive bribes of base pleasures to their satisfy the hedonism, and can even be made to go on quests or help out if bribed regularly enough.

Bim'jaq are mostly summoned as guards and protectors, as their combat skill are incredible compared to many other 1st circle demons; or as guides through nature - due to their knowledge of wild plants, animals and ecological systems; few, if any sorcerers summon them to do prosthetics on wild animals - it's just not a very widely known trait about them. The Demon Rangers can enter Creation if a forest or other wild land is desecrated and the local spirits not appeased for the loss of territory, with these demons siding with the local deities to take vengeance on the foolish mortals that do such terrible things. Their intimacies include Ceto (**oo*y Unrequited loyalty), untamed lands - especially forests (*u**i** Love and Joy), Wild animals (Our *a** little wards), Squirrels (**oo*i** Kinship of form), a negative one to civilization and built up areas (*e***o*e* filled to the brim with **i* and **a**y stuff), weird prosthetics (**oo*y marvellous) Violence (*E** YEAH!), alcohol (BRING ON THE *E**I** BOOZE!), Carnal Pleasures (*u**i** love a good *u** with the *i***e*/*a**a***) and unbelievable amounts of coarse language (Well that's just *u**i** obvious).

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