Monday, 11 July 2016

Aredba, the Fool Trap

Aredba, the Fool Trap; Progeny of the Hunter of the Dragon's Enemy:
Aredba look like headless sheep with bodies made of gold and transparent wool; easy pickings for any daring demon looking for a bit of treasure - right? The Fool Traps are well named, with the body actually being made of low grade brass and the wool is barb wired glass, cutting any thief who tries to take a piece of the demon and those dumb enough to continue fail to get any sort of reward. What is worse is that the Aredba's wool will start to clamp down on the thief's arm and the whole demon's body starts to vibrate. If the felon does not get their arm out of the wool, then the Fool Trap will explode and kill their attacker; although the Aredba will survive as a body of smoke that condense back into the shape of a headless sheep.

Aredba don't seem to mind these explosions when it happens to them, and they don't even seem to mind how they attract greedier and egotistical demons with their bodies of apparent wealth. Infact these demons seem to have very little personality and will blindly obey whatever order given to them with enough authority. The only personality traits they seem to exhibit is a mute parody of characteristics from their last order giver. It should be noted that if one of the Fool Traps hasn't been ordered for several hours or days they'll just find more of their kind and just gather around, vibrating in what seems to be a strange equivalent of speech, although no-one has ever deciphered it. Since they are otherwise mute, the exact nature of these gatherings is not known. Another popular theory is that they use such occasions to increase their population, as more of the demons seem to come out than in.

The Aredba enter Creation when ever sheep are used to trick people into gathering into one place - the more sheep and people, the more demons. They are summoned mostly to act as decoys against burglars and as explosives to be used in siege warfare, although when summoned they'll only obey the sorcerer and not change their loyalties. Binding isn't important if the summoner has plans to have the demon be alone or with loyal allies/subordinates during the period of it's service, as the Fool Traps will simply accept any order without question. The intimacies of the Aredba change to match those of either the last person that gave them an order or of their current summoner.

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