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Chriek, They who Count the Pictures

Chriek, They who Count the Pictures; Progeny of the Maternal Anti-rudaali clothed in Memoirs of Uncounted Wards:
The Chriek look like two easels put back to back, with 3 pairs of arms, four legs and a small head on the top that is basically a single eye that bobbles around to talk. They are generally unassuming demons except for the 'mess' that they make, although many consider it art. What these demons produce are etching on brass plate with enamel inlays to put in colour, except for the sacred azure, and each etching is a fairly accurate picture of what the Chriek sees over a five second period. Since they produce the brass by magic and are always working on two pictures, one per easel, the number of these pictures is staggering, and tend to just end up as clutter around them.

Chriek are popular amongst all ranks of demons; the Citizens and the Unquestionable like their portraits taken or moments of great glory and fame. More common demons found an odd tick to the Chriek's personality's is that they known exactly how many pictures they have drawn and what happen at each picture. This precise cataloguing of their memories allows them to operate as impromptu clocks in hell as well as chroniclers of history, with the added benefit the most extreme punishment that the Priests of Cecelyne can do is kill the Chriek as the only possibly chronometer possessed is the demon's memory. However this fastidiousness also means that the Chriek will count anything they can and try to list and record all sorts of data. The other major personality quirk they all share is a hatred to the appearance of their own kind. Whenever a Chriek makes a picture with one of their own kind, the picture will first burst into flame and then melt itself into yet another Chriek. This will obvious cause a chain reaction of new demons, often leading to a perfect example of 'Malfean population control' - otherwise called a slaughter. For this reason, these demons also dislike mirrors and other reflective surfaces.

Chriek enter Creation whenever an artist makes an accurate representation of a demon in any form of art purely from their memory. Chriek are summoned mostly to draw pictures - either for the sorcerer's ego or to record events - and for wise sorcerers, to count out small and fiddly objects. Their intimacies include a negative one to their creator - Pehtalka Puhst - (HAVE YOU SEEN HER!), a negative one to the appearance of their own kind (Not another slaughter), a negative one to mirrors and reflective surfaces (Hatred towards their own image), counting (Fun!), the passage of time (just because the Cecelyne wants to make it illegal to know), lists and categorisation (more fun), art (It's not just a lively hood), accurate portrayals of the past (duty) and memories (all the best times of life have already come and gone).

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