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Teju Jagua, Guardian of the Dragon's Gold

Teju Jagua, Guardian of the Dragon's Gold
Warden Soul of the Living Hoard
Occasional a demon finds the gateway to Hreidmar's secret gold hoard, but before all that, is a smaller hoard on which lies the headless body of a dragon. As one tries to get closer to the pile of treasure, maybe to take a piece of treasure, they'll be attacked. Not by the body, but the seven floating head of the dragon demon. It is at this moment that one releases they have met the owner of this lesser hoard and gate keeper to Hreidmar - Teju Jagua.

The Guardian of the Dragon's Gold usually keeps his body in the antechamber of his own hoard, due to hard it is for him to actually move his lumbering body, while most of his heads patrol the local area and ensure that no-one is planning to intrude. These heads are quite distinctive, with each of them being bright scarlet and each one of them is unique - from a man, a dragon, a dog, a dragon-dog hybrid, a draconic human, a dog-human fusion and a combination of a man, a dog and a dragon. He will also nick anything he deems of value, which is either treasure or the rare commodity of honey, to which he is addicted to. If he cannot find either, his head will sprinkle a powder that makes people want to buy in precious and shiny objects, especially honey. If anyone of his heads does see a threat, first it will try to glare at the target to fill them with fear and doubt through his magic, then Teju Jagua will attack first will a breath of a super chilled form of the powder, and if that doesn't do the job, it will bite the offender over and over again until they are defeated.

Teju Jagua enters Creation when honey is dropped onto a sealed treasure for the first time since it was hidden from the world. He is most often summoned into Creation to as a guardian of treasure, and even if not successfully bound, his loyalty can be bought with a constant supply of honey. The Guardian of the Dragon's Gold has intimacies towards his Unquestionable, Hreidmar (Patron with shared interests), Gold and Precious gems (desire and want), Honey (Pure unabated joy), a negative one to treasure hunters (jealous, rage and hatred), cavernous spaces (safety and comfort), beheadings (fun to watch), dogs (such cute little things) and one to his fellow 2nd circles of the Living Hoard (elder brother over incompetent younger siblings).

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