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Mbói Tu'i, Herald of the Dragon's World

Mbói Tu'i, Herald of the Dragon's World
Messenger Soul of the Living Hoard
Hreidmar sometimes need to move, and if he wants to settle down in a layer, there is nothing that will stop him short of Ligier. To this end, the Living Hoard has a favoured servant - Mbói Tu'i. This beaked dragon is a specialist in mass 'redecorating', an euphemism for what can be considered terraforming. This is not only Mbói Tu'i's duty but his greatest joy, reshaping and twisting any landscape he can in Malfeas to create what pleases him. In a way, he make treasures out of the mad landscapes of hell, even if no one else cares for his work.

Mbói Tu'i primarily lives in a small swamp that was once a lagoon off of Kimbery, where a collection Seviwt'ne (a type of tree demon) have made the acid safe to move through, although the area has be clogged upped with mud by the tree demons' presence, the Herald likes it. Mbói Tu'i hides in the leaves of his progeny, watching life go by in his only official fiefdom. When the parrot headed demon dragon does leave his lagoon domain, he takes some of the Seviwt'ne with him to preserve any of the 'redecorating' he does. Mbói Tu'i will then claim lordship areas where his tree demons dwell, although since he never enforces such claims or have official witnesses to his claims, these conquests are never legally binding, not that Mbói Tu'i really cares. As long as the cannels he digs between his swamp and his other 'territories' runs with muddy acid, all is fine. But when outside forces destroy his work and the cannels run dry, then the fury of Mbói Tu'i is unleashed.

The Herald of the Dragon's world can natural manifest when a leader is killed because of their attempts to reshape the natural world, appearing over the body of the deceased as a rust-orange scale limbless dragon with a green parrot head that has a brilliant red crest that is shaped like a blood coloured orchid. He is summoned to help with changing landscapes for construction projects and for the belief that he can control water. The latter is a rumour, but this demon dragon can manifest as delude of acid diluted with mud and is an excellent swimmer, which both contribute to the myth. The intimacies of Mbói Tu'i include his patron, Hreidmar (service to a glorious patron), swamps (what nice places), his Seviwt'ne (keeping my dreams true), his 'redecorating' (craftsmen's pride), his claimed territories (Mine! All Mine!), his fellow second circles of the Living Hoard (an artist trying to guide philistine relatives)and amphibious life (my wards, my dinner).

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