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Arati, Tempting Princess of Inchoate Azure

Arati, Tempting Princess of Inchoate Azure
Reflective Soul of the Totem of Never Ending Traditions

Kee-Wakw is the undisputed duchess of all traditions in the eyes of J'Qeju, and while she would never deny or interfere with a tradition on her own accord, she does ask how humans justify their madness and self-centredness. As she was being preserved after the Crippling, her last questioning words floated above the Glacier that Preserves and with black lightning crystallized into a dancing demon; this was Arati, made to replace Kee-Wakw previously lost reflective soul. Without anyone to tell her what to do, the young 2nd circle when on a rampage of dancing and partying across Malfeas which brought war, chaos and ruin to many a fiefdom; and all to test the strength of various traditions that had arisen in the Demon City. Her dances intoxicated all that see them, but if she is angry due to insults or lack of a reaction, she'll simply close her eyes and her normally amber skin will transform into the most beautiful shade of Azure that has ever been known amongst all of demonkind.

Arati has ever since dance across Malfeas, and occasional Creation, trying to tempt lawlessness and rulebreaking in all that see her, not that she does this in spite, only inquisitiveness. This pleas has not put her in the good books of the Cecelynian Priests, and after nearly a thousand years of her dancing, she was thrown into a dark pit and sentence to an eternity of suffering until the ministries of despair and pain both agreed to see an end to her misery. Her frolicking lightning would have remained down in that nightmarish oubliette until one day she was let out. Many demons have since tried to stop her electrifying waltzes, although the Priests of Cecelyne have seemed to developed a strange aversion to inferring with her actions. Many believe that she has been turned into servant to several 3rd circles, incriminating those who annoy the Unquestionable. This theory is often ignored by more scholarly and thoughtful demons due to the lack of any obvious situation where the soul of a Yozi couldn't just crush lesser demons that cross their path. Still, rumours abound around Arati.

Arati enters Creation when ever people take part in a dance that breaks local traditions and laws; in such cases she'll shamelessly dance only clad in a silver ribbon wrapping around her amber body, with a bow on her flat chest and one end acting like a tail while the other is braided in with her cornrows made of emerald beads, all the time her seven pairs of arms Sheppard the dancing lightning around her to keep it from her porcelain inlayed face with one ruby eye and the other hidden by an eyepatch. The Tempting Princess of Inchoate Azure is summoned by Sorcerers for a variety of reasons; some wish to see her dance, other want chaos and anarchy while a few use her to master thunder and lightning. Many who summon her are surprised to find out that the 2nd circle has little to no emotions, and only dances because that is what seems most logical to her, as the only way she can be emotional is to be in an atmosphere of a similar intense emotion; this would probably make her depressed if not for the fact she doesn't feel anything most of the time, only being as cold and distant as her precious electricity. The intimacies of Arati include traditions (such sweet things to test), dancing (joy of life, life of joy), lightning (zappy, zappy; boom boom time!), reason and understanding (all others are ruled by their emotions), emotional outburst (jealous and sadism at the same time), rebels and lawbreakers (so eager, so brave, so foolish), teenagers (They need their time to shine) and enforcers of laws or traditions (Where would shadow be without the light?). Arati is often asked why she has no intimacies towards her patron; the only answer given is that the Tempting Princess of Inchoate Azure never knew the Totem of Never Ending Traditions and has never been given much information upon the third circle's personality or deeds.

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