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Luison, Conqueror of the Dragon's wretches

Luison, Conqueror of the Dragon's wretches
Reflective Soul of the Living Hoard
Sometimes as one explores Malfeas they find several streets ruled over by a black and violet wolf-dragon hybrid like demon, calling itself Luison, Conqueror of the Dragon's wretches. This demon will be civilized enough but insist on their uniqueness as Luison. If the traveller goes to another layer, they might meet a similar dragon, who also is called Luison but insists that they are the real Luison and the first one is an imposter. But sometimes people who encounter one of this Luison demons under the night sky of the Ebon Dragon will see what looks like a sparkling nebula in the shape of a wolf or a dragon. A close look will reveal that the nebula is looking down at the viewer and the demon dragon. That is the true Luison, the Reflective Soul of the Living Hoard.

How Luison became like this is unknown; some say he dabbled in the secrets that Orabalis keeps and when sent to the stars he knew a secret path to return to Malfeas, but only as a nebulas spirit; others say that he challenge Erembour to a musical competition between her music and his howl, and that his current form is a sign of his defeat; or that he used sorcery in an attempt to ascend and become a 3rd circle demon, only to lose his physical form. Most of these seem to be false as Luison is a great fan of mysteries, both of keeping them and solving them, so it's likely he hid the truth of his past to keep others guessing. What is known is that Luison possess seemingly random 1st circle demons, which either die by his presence or are transformed into copies of his old body, called a duplicate, and of the firm belief that they are Luison. All fiefdoms they claim in his name are counted as belonging to him in the eyes of the Priests of Cecelyne, even if he has no duplicate currently stationed there. He can willing switch between any of these 1st circle duplicates and control them as if they were his old body, and able to use all of his normal charms plus the powers the demons possesses itself. Demons transformed by Luison will still have all his old capabilities and a new one to have one of the 23 breaths of Hreidmar. These demons can enter Creation like they could before, but when they do, Luison can possess them like he can Malfeas, teleporting to their body after marching over Cecelyne for 5 days.

When in Creation, Luison can also possess wolves and mortals, turning them into a hybrid creature between both species for their whole life. This new being is for all intensive purposes a beastman, and it's children will be spawned as such, however if Luison is still possessing his victim while they conceive a child, it will be one of the Enkidu, a 1/3rd demon blooded lupine beastman that takes on the draconic/demonic mutations if exposed to a large dose of demonic essence. Enkidu will only breed like a regular beastman, except for the next 23 generations, the seventh child will also be an Enkidu like the original child.

This Second circle demon is best summoned to solve mysteries, or control wolves, one of his duplicates or affairs involving the Enkidu. Luison is a bit tricky to summon, as he has no physical form, and must immediately be bound into a first circle demon, a human or a wolf to give him a physical presence in Creation, or else he will dissipate back into Malfeas, something that Hreidmar does not have to worry about as he when he summons Luison, he also summons one of the duplicates. If he loses his host during his time in Creation, he must find another in a day and one hour or else he'll befall the aforementioned fate. It is advisable to summon one his duplicates to serve as the host as it unknown how a demon is chosen to die or change into a duplicate when Luison possesses them. The Intimacies of Luison include his 3rd circle (distant father figure), his fellow 2nd circles under Hreidmar (loyalty but distain at their choices), wolves (such adorable fiends), Enkidu (My spawn), his duplicates (tools, all so handsome tools), the nightsky (hides me from the scorn of those two Suns) and mysteries (to keep and to solve, the great games of life).

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