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Jasy Jatere, Piper of the Dragon's Brood

Jasy Jatere, Piper of the Dragon's Brood
Expressive Soul of the Living Hoard
Not all that glitters is gold, and there are more valuables things than treasure. Hreidmar didn't know if this was true of not, so he created Jasy Jatere, who he used to study High First Age art, music and culture. Only the music really stuck with the Piper of the Dragon's Brood, everything else seemed to be to complex or sophisticated for him to understand. He abandoned all that during the Usurpation, a Solar sorcerer has holding his own against the Dragon Bloods sent to storm his secret island fortress, but knowing his children and concubines would also be killed, the Lawgiver summoned Jasy Jatere in order to carry away his loved ones so he could focus on holding the fort.

Although the demon was able to smuggle out the children and concubines out, when he tried to find a safe place for the civilians the demon could find none. Bound to Creation until he had gotten them to a safe place, he saw the dedication of the mothers to their children, but without food or proper shelter, the weaker mortals died and the half caste young endured. Jasy Jatere started to respect the children, and to understand the love of human parents. When he realised that this was as valuable as any golden piece of treasure, and that if the children were with him in Malfeas, he could return to the demon city and build a palace to keep them safe. After achieving that goal, which was no mean feat in the demon city, where food and water are both at a premium and the very air is poisoned with the hate of the Yozis; Jasy Jatere went to Hreidmar to explain his discovery. The Living Hoard grew furious at his Expressive Soul and started to beat him up as punishment, planning a long and excruciating death by trauma. However one of the children who secretly followed Piper of the Dragon's Brood, and came out of hiding to plead with the Unquestionable. Although Hreidmar had pretty badly bruised his green scaled 2nd circle soul and could destroy the child with one of his many lethal breaths. But for some reason he didn't, and whether out of compassion or some twisted form of sadism, the Living Hoard let both leave his cave that night. The latter is a possibility as he did stitch the mouth of the 2nd circle closed and told him the following: 'You'll lose them all, they are weak and cripple, only souls in pathetic bags of fat, and no matter how hard you try, they'll grow old and wither like rotting food'

Jasy Jatere has a fiefdom of a decent sized castle and the surrounding streets in one of Malfeas safer areas. Here he keeps human children that he has taken in and raised as his own. Most end up leaving him as they grow older, but some stay to help look after the next bunch of young ones that the demon brings in. The two ways he does that is finding orphans who are occasionally found amongst the poor humans lost in Malfeas. Most however are lulled by the music from Jasy Jatere when they run away from parents of guardians who have high ranking in cults dedicated to demons or the Yozis. Unfortunately, the Piper of the Dragon's Brood will not except back people who has left him and denied his care.

Jasy Jatere is usually summoned into Creation in matters that somehow require both a demon, and someone to help with children, although he is also quite knowledgeable on First Age art. His appearance in such occasions is that of a viridian dragon with pied like mottling from his beating, and his jaw is sown shut, becoming a flute. As such, he cannot talk, only make sounds like a flutist. The Piper of the Dragon's Brood has intimacies towards Hreidmar (distrust and confusion but still a sense of loyalty), music (joy and reverence), children - especially his wards (love and affection), the art of children (the greatest beauty), to his fellow 2nd circles under Hreidmar (they are so like children) and a negative one to First Age art or anything that pretentious (Pure hatred).

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