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Hariti, the Mother Tiger in All Vengeance

Hariti, the Mother Tiger in All Vengeance
Expressive Soul of The Forest of the Tzitzimitl

Itzpapalotl cannot always protect her wards, so in the wilds of her forest, one of her souls wanders as a protector of the lost. This is Hariti, the Mother Tiger in All Vengeance, and she is magnificent - a seven tall tiger made of Orpiment and Jet stripes with brass blades rising from each of her spines and strange bowl like structure at the end of her tail. If any member of Itzpapalotl's lost races is lost in the twisted bushland is found by her, Hariti will take care of them, leading them away from the beasts and demons that have managed to inhabit those dangerous lands. If food is needed, she merely uses her magic to fill the bowl at the end of her tail with a substance that tastes like a mixture of maple syrup and cholconth but is a smooth as milk. This elixir helps the heal the drinker and also provides nourishment if given to a being of flesh and blood, even the Pugot can eat it for all of the strangeness of their biology.

What few notice about where Hariti roams is a lack of wildlife amongst the overgrown plants, no beasts or demons can be seen. This is due to Hariti not being a creature of love but a sick twisted copy of motherhood, an overly protective mother. Any demon or beast that goes near the Mother Tiger in All Vengeance is devoured on sight, going through her nine sets of jaws before entering an alchemical furnace that renders down her victim into the aforementioned elixir. Why because anything that isn't one of the lost races of Itzpapalotl is clearer threat that must be destroyed. She only leaves fellow 2nd circles and 3rd circles alone as she is not powerful enough to kill them.

Hariti can enter Creation, although this would take her away from the wards of Itzpapalotl, putting them all at risk. As such, she never natural enters Creation, but instead remains in Malfeas all the time, if she can help it. The Mother Tiger in All Vengeance is most often summoned to protect travellers in harsh climates, with her natural pathfinding abilities and the magic elixir she can create to serve as a source of nourishment. Less learned Sorcerers have been known to summon her to protect children, but since she'll always try to endanger the child's life in some way - to destroy 'threats' to the lost races of Itzpapalotl. Infact, if she is to be summoned, the summoner must be certain of their capability to bind the Mother Tiger in All Vengeance, or else she'll try to kill everyone present at the time of the summoning.

Hariti has intimacies towards her patron, The Forest of the Tzitzimitl (Fanatical loyalty), J'Qeju (Fanatical loyalty) the lost race of Itzpapalotl (Fanatical loyalty), to her little forest domain (Fanatical loyalty), tigers (Fanatical loyalty), protective mothers (Fanatical loyalty), female warriors (Fanatical loyalty) and a negative one to everything else (Ever emotion that opposes fanatical loyalty).



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