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Hveðrungr, the Laughing Horror

Hveðrungr, the Laughing Horror
Indulgent Soul of The Hunter Blizzard in Sand
Hveðrungr appears as a shadow outlined by grains of sand - shifting and twisting to have no definitive outline. Now many believe the Laughing Horror to be something descended from the Ebon Dragon, either as a 3rd Circle Demon, Behemoth or a Yozi-Spawn. Such stories abound with unimaginable torture, sadistic attacks and unending misery. The more one listens to such stories eventually hear a giggling when surrounded by shadows and darkness. Things begin to disappear and intoxicants diluting into ice cold water over time. The stress builds up as one hears more of the Laughing Horror. And then one day, a little demon says that an emissary of J'Qeju through his 2nd Soul, Kingu has come to visit oneself, and that the visiting demon is demanding an immediate conference outside. As the host rushes out to meet their visitor, they'll slip on a pool of cooking oil, skidding out into a crowd of their neighbours, vassals and allies. Standing in front of the crowd will be a shadowy figure, laughing with an all too familiar laugh. It is then that one learns the truth about Hveðrungr, that is the manifestation of Kingu's infamous cruelty and twisted sense of humour.

The Laughing Horror isn't actually the worst demon in Malfeas, preferring to be a prankster of mythic levels than a master of torture. He'll spend weeks preparing larger jokes, watching to learn the habits of his target, while also spreading rumours of his terrifying and viscous nature. All of this is just a build up to a massive jump scare on an unsuspecting target. This can take time however, so the Laughing Horror also spends a little bit of time do minor pranks on demons great and small; the usually tricks of snakes being as a door is opened, replacing work tools with smelly rags, making every demon follow one poor unfortunate sap in the hopes that doing will free the Yozis or other such classics.

His precedent for pranks even lets Hveðrungr to enter Creation. If anyone unaware of the Laughing Horror causes a Demon of any circle to be summoned into Creation via a prank, Hveðrungr will follow the other demon and join them in Creation, if only to start pranking unsuspecting mortals. He usually gets summoned to do spy or sabotage work, although these not the best uses of his talents, instead Hveðrungr is most useful as an entertainer with cruel pranks and his signature twisted humour. The intimacies of the Laughing Horror include Kingu (She loves my jokes), practical jokes (my glory), false assumptions (all to useful), comedians (professional respect), shadow + darkness (All so useful) and the Ebon Dragon (nobody actually knows why, maybe not even Hveðrungr).

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