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Aeaea, the Worm that stands to watch

Aeaea, the Worm that stands to watch
Defining Soul of The Hunter Blizzard in Sand
Kingu once shredded an entire layer of Malfeas to stop what she thought was an attempt to harm J'Qeju. Whether it was or not doesn't matter, all that was left was a desolate environment, a few demons left by the Hunter Blizzard, and a spire that hadn't been there before. As the survivors rebuilt their land, Aeaea kept watch, with eye after eye opening up. At first the local demons tried to understand the 2nd circle soul, then ignore it and final forget it. This continued for many years until Aeaea suddenly started to dig into the ground, eventually dig through the other side and falling to another layer of Malfeas. The local first circle demons were confused, why would this mighty worm just disappear like that. Five hours later, Adorjan swept through that layer, killing most of the demons present.

Such stories follow Aeaea, the Worm that stands to watch. She is the silent sentinel that awaits danger and then disappears, fleeing for her life. This has led her to become a symbol of peace and security in hell that is so often missing due to the whims of the Yozis and the 3rd Circle demons. Aeaea is not a compassionate being however. Any demon that follows her escape route will be covered in a fine powder that soaks into their body, corrupting their minds into being fanatical guardians of Aeaea. This means that where ever she goes, she'll be protect from violence and conflict. This reveals the ultimate nature of Aeaea as a coward that makes other's do her dirty work while she watches from afar.

Aeaea can enter Creation, and used to do so quite often to avoid the dangers of the demon city. Yet something happened, which involved with something that the Worm that stands to watch refers to as 'the Red Wolf', and now she no longer leaves the Demon City if she can help it. If summoned by a sorcerer, she would best serve as a body guard or sentinel, with her ability to detect danger or changes in the balance of the world's natural essence and arrange rapid escape routes being useful in both forward scouting operations and protecting tyrants as the mob bursts down the door and an escape route is quickly needed. Aeaea's intimacies include her Third Circle, Kingu (Fearful respect), her own continued existence (Me first!), See new sights (careful curiosity), Peace and quiet (such useful things to have) and Eyesight (my greatest gift).

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Akutav, The Disaster Diggers; Progeny of the Worm that stands to watch

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