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Phlegyas - The Volcano of Freezing Flame - 7th Soul of the Glacier that Preserves
Hatred of all that bring change (Exalts, Fair folk, Neverborn, etc.) 

A twisted mountain rises above a single plain in Malfeas, a cold demonless place, only inhabited by the hell damned elementals, as Phlegyas strikes down any demon for their arrogance of entering his realm. From his sides made of obsidian, Phlegyas bleeds his cold fire, which both burns and freezes it's targets. Which are many, as Phlegyas is wrathful side of J'Qeju, unmoving but also unwilling to accept any change to his domain that he didn't put in. When even something as minor as mouse enters his realm, the Volcano of Freezing Flame will throw a great piece of his unmitigated hate upon this disturbance to his realm's continuality. Phlegyas is however most angry at one type of thing, what he calls 'Agents of Change', which include Exalts, Fair Folk and the Neverborn. The first have been changed and desire more change for their own glory, the second are just want constant change for changes sake, and the last want to have the worst kind of
change - the kind of change that destroys the world for the end of all that is permanent. 

What surprises many is that Phlegyas' realm is not inhabited by his 2nd circle demons or the progeny or any sort of common demon. Instead it is inhabited by 'Shiqqs', 1st circle demons of his own creation, and a horde of fire elementals that have sworn allegiance to the Volcano of Freezing Flame. This is linked to how the 3rd circle demon enters Creation; when a fire elemental is bound to a human master and driven to a point of anger, desperation and self-doubt that they see no way out and wish to die, Phlegyas will manifest as a cloud of smoke with a wispy, but hypnotic, voice. He offers the elemental a chance for freedom, in exchange for become a spirit of cold fire, a thing damned to Malfeas and an enemy of Yu Shan. If they accept, the fire elemental will be empowered and broken free of what every magic binds them to the human, allowing the spirit to act on the anger built up over time. The other things that dwell in the Volcano's plain are a collection of Fair Folk and Dragon Bloods that Phlegyas keeps as prisoners to amuse his elementals and demons in there off time. Their cathartic attacks on his imprisoned enemies keeps the rage of the Unquestionable in check, and occasionally gets a chuckle from him. This laughter can create pyroclastic flows that drive the victims insane while chilling them to the bone and yet be warm encouragement for his followers.

Phlegyas is usually summoned for his raw destructive power, being able to make volcanoes erupt on demand, or create infernal coronas that are fuelled by constant rage to block off all Exalts, Fair Folk and direct servants of the Neverborn from any fortress ,city or location the summoner desires. The Volcano of Freezing Flame take the form of an armless man, whose face matches the greatest annoyance in the summoner's social circle, covered in open wounds which bleed tendrals of his cold fire to act as limbs. These are all results of the Crippling, and the constant stream of fire keeps J'Qeju from just preserving the Volcano of Freezing Flame as it burns into his master's glacial form. The intimacies of Phlegyas include one to his Yozi (glorious anger to a fellow victim), anger (addiction to both the experience and the show), fire (PYROMANIA!), volcanoes (ccccooooooolllll!!!!!) fire elementals and the shiqqs (concern of a wrathful overlord), negative ones to Exalts, Fair Folk and Neverborn (Hatred to the agents of change) and the destruction he cause to defend his land (A glorious necessity to defend my realm).

Associated Yozi:


Associated 1st Circle Demons:

Shiqq, the Burning Vendettas; Progeny of The Volcano of Freezing Flame

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