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Beyul - Valley Beyond The Great Imprisonment

Beyul - Valley Beyond The Great Imprisonment - 10th Soul of the Glacier that Preserves
Love of excluded lands unaltered by the world.

Beyul's home is a valley beyond the reach of normal mortals or demons, it's not even within Malfeas. When J'Qeju was dragged with his brethren to be imprisoned in the demon city, Beyul was simply bound to her home valley. The Glacier that Preserves chose to let this soul reside in the same pocket dimension that it always resided in, untouched by the Primordial War, a last paradise for the 3rd Circles to relax when the Yozis let them take a luxury break away from their prison. Beyul remembers those days fondly, when she was hostess and steward at the same time, partying with her fellow demons while limiting their effect on her home. Once she had several races that fled Creation as the Solars tried to exterminate them living in the valley, with it's magnificent gardens and immense mansions, but all that is now lost. When the Crippling happened, Beyul's valley, as a part of her very being; entered an apocalyptic time when every tree burned down and the rivers turned to ash filled blood. Most of the inhabitants either died off or made an Exodus to Itzpapalotl, hoping for some mercy from the Tree of Tzitzmitl. Beyul was only spared being preserved by J'Qeju due to her nature being a land untouched, and as such, any change to her would further damage her land and could potential hurt the Demon King of Winter and kill the Valley Beyond The Great Imprisonment.

Beyul's humanoid form is now that of an old crone, with a peg leg, a withered arm and a balding scalp all dressed in the rags of a once glorious ball gown. She was ashamed of how she was no longer a paragon of a beautiful nature spirit, and this nearly cost her a chance to enter Creation. For when a nation completely separated from the rest of Creation and curses heaven for letting outside powers interfere with their small world and that hell would be a better protector. She has only entered Creation once, to protect the Land of Yaenma. This small state was visited by Beyul during the Great Contagion. The demoness used her powers to seal the kingdom off from the devastating plague, quarantine provinces and create a magic boundary to hold off the later Fair Folk invasion. However, Beyul usually is used to sealing palace sized areas for prisons, pleasure houses, secret nurseries and safehouses; so an act of that magnitude bound herself and the kingdom together, meaning that while she cannot enter the rest of Creation on her own volition, she can enter Yaenma during Calibration, and all sorts of doorways exist in the kingdom to her secret valley. This demonic presence has effect the culture of Yaenma as it now has reject all gods, elementals and Exalts and only serves the Yozis, particularly J'Qeju, through their demonic patron Beyul. One still has to cross the Endless Desert for eight days to cross between, but the Valley Beyond the Great Imprisonment and the Glacier that Preserve are tied together by a river that crosses Cecelyne, which demon cultist of Yaenma use as a pilgrimage path at certain times of the year to visit the demon city.

The Intimacies of Beyul include her Yozi (Loving fear of a distant father figure), the kingdom of Yaenma (The Love of a wise mother like Kimbery), the species that once dwelled in her land (longing), one to Cecelyne (making my exile possible), a negative one to explorers (going to places untouched), to secret places and faraway lands (jealous admiration), peoples separated from the wider world (desire to parent over) and her former glory and beauty (desire to go back to the good old days).

Associated Yozi:


Associated 2nd Circle Demons:

Elymas, the Demon Prophet - Messenger Soul of Valley Beyond The Great Imprisonment

Associated 1st Circle Demons:

Clothro, The Keys that Float between Worlds; Progeny of the Demon prophet

Knout, The Flagellant Lemmings; Progeny of the Demon prophet

Associated Humans:

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