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Hreidmar - The living Hoard

Hreidmar - The living Hoard - 11th Soul of the Glacier that Preserves
Compulsive Hoarding and Preservation of Artefacts.

Hreidmar is a greedy monster, representing how J'Qeju absorbs things just to preserve them, and never lets them go free. Hreidmar is massive horde of treasure hidden in some titanic cavern in the Demon City, filled with gems stones, treasures and artefacts so numerous, that the Living Hoard could count them for tens of thousands of years and still not finish one count. He usually never moves, and only does so if any one actually finds his horde and starts to steal a great amount of the treasure, or if J'Qeju is coming his way. Hreidmar fears his Yozi and wishes to be free, so that he can keep growing his massive collection of treasure. In either situation, he assumes the form of a 23 headed dragon made of treasure, with 13 tails and nine pairs of wings, although there are clearly scars from where his tails, wings and all of his legs were taken in the 'Crippling'. 

Hreidmar is attended by a large number of loyal demons that have been co-opted by his second circle demons, all of which he is quite close to, if a little disappoint with some of them. Hreidmar can summon his second circle souls all at once, and if Hreidmar is bound to a sorcerer, those seven lesser demons will also be bound to the summoner. This is just one reason to summon the Living Hoard, he can also find lost treasure and evaluate the worth of any object. When summoned, he appears as quadriplegic man with golden skin, silver hair and piercing bronze eyes. To overcome the effects of the Crippling, Hreidmar uses a warstrider that ended up in his hoard sometime in the Shogunate.

Hreidmar can only willingly enter Creation if an treasure from his horde is taken into the mortal realm, and in such cases he can only stay to reclaim his possession and take revenge on whoever has it. The only ways to avoid this fate are to either attune to a stolen artefact, use sorcerer to claim ownership of a taken object or convince the Living Hoard to give you some of his treasure. The last is the hardest, as every treasure with Hreidmar's hoard is a part of him, and he will not diminish himself unless amply rewarded, and such exchanges usually only Hreidmar really profit. The intimacies of Hreidmar include one to J'Qeju (fear and respect), one to each of his second circle souls (benevolence of a tyrannical progenitor), his treasure hoard (love of gold and self), taking new treasure (all mine), other misers (kinship of deeds) and his independence (no-one shall take my gold).

Associated Yozi


Associated 2nd circle Demons:

Teju Jagua, Guardian of the Dragon's Gold - Warden Soul of the Living Hoard

Mbói Tu'i, Herald of the Dragon's World - Messenger Soul of the Living Hoard

Moñái, Oyabun of the Dragon's Flock - Understanding Soul of the Living Hoard

Jasy Jatere, Piper of the Dragon's Brood - Expressive Soul of the Living Hoard

Kurupi, Mercenary of the Dragon's Vice - Defining Soul of the Living Hoard

Ao Ao, Hunter of the Dragon's Enemy - Indulgent Soul of the Living Hoard

Luison, Conqueror of the Dragon's wretches - Reflective Soul of the Living Hoard

Associated 1st Circle Demons:

Aredba, the Fool Trap; progeny of the Hunter of the Dragon's Enemy

Ineusa, The Fluids of Sensory Oppositions; Progeny of the Mercenary of the Dragon's Vice

Kuchisake, The Mouth Pieces of Lords; Progeny of the Piper of the Dragon's Brood

Seviwt'ne, the World Bending Trees; Progeny of the Herald of the Dragon's World

Tron'lotou, The Damning Fruits; Progeny of Conqueror of the Dragon's wretches

Xunan Kab, The Chests filled with Silver Honey; Progeny of the Guardian of the Dragon's Gold

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