Saturday, 5 November 2016

J'Quz, The Heat Eaters

J'Quz, The Heat Eaters; Progeny of the Creator of half-beautied life: 
Sometimes even failures must be remembered. So when Ceto worked on her ninth type of demon, she made something to memorialize the fall of Iakiju into J'Qeju - the J'Quz. This look like little white crabs with Malfean brass for innards, and are general found in great hordes, sucking up all the heat in the nearby area, freezing whole streets by themselves. Some smart demons and citizens of Itzpapalotl keep them in large boxes to act as what Earthlings would call an ice box or a fridge.

J'Quz live to eat heat, there is nothing else in existence that really interests them, even if they pick up on random trivia and arcane secrets over time. As such, they tend to gather around the forges of Hell and the Endless Desert, and in the latter they form great hordes, devouring scattered particles of thermalized essence to continue their existence. In the Demon City the Heat Eaters are seen as vermin, regularly attacked and killed like rats or cockroaches. And while their goals are limited by demon standards, the J'Quz are actually smarter than most other First Circle Demons that tend to underestimate their apathetic attitude for actually stupidity on the part of the Heat Eaters. For example, they know that if you break the shell on one of the Heat Eaters, it will rapidly regenerate by secreting a white slime which seals up the crack, with any excess curling up into small spheres and becoming more of the J'Quz.

The J'Quz enter Creation whenever a person freezes to death within a short distance of fresh ash and cinders. When summoned, they are most useful at stopping fires and keeping things cool, but their lack of care means that intellectual pursuits are not the best reasons to summon them. The Heat Eaters have only three intimacies: J'Qeju (Why doesn't he love us! We're his mascots!), Eating heat (Duty and Hobby) and the Survival of their kind (Let us all live to eat).

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