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Hrimfurzar - The Flagellant Giant of Rime

Hrimfurzar - The Flagellant Giant of Rime - 19th Soul of the Glacier that Preserves
Hatred of becoming a Yozi and a Creature of Ice and Snow

Hrimfurzar is a lonely being, a great monster hated not because of his actions or his appearance, but because he is the self-hated of J'Qeju for changing from a Primordial to a Yozi. The Flagellant giant lives apart from other demons, sitting near the edge of the Glacier that Preserves, but both ignoring each other, Hrimfurzar to be free and the Yozi of Crippled Souls to avoid the aspect of himself that he hates most. Hrimfurzar occasionally goes on pilgrimage to places in hell that he has heard of being powerful enough to punish and torture him for being a manifestation of his master's most hated power.

Hrimfurzar appears as a giant (100 feet tall) humanoid made of ice, surround by resin chains covered in spikes of Iron that dig into the flesh of the giant, causing indigo ichor to bleed from eternally open wounds. He can also assume human form, appearing as a tall Northern man, with a blood red beard and sapphires for eyes. His clothes in this form consist of spiked chains, forming a pair of trousers and a clock with hood, causing to bleed more ichor in this form. His signature charm allow him to summon a winter wind to attack his enemies and freeze their hearts, ensuring that they can only feel hatred for themselves on the inside and pain from the outside. His famous for the power to summon a winter wind that makes all who feel it be consumed with pain from the outside and self-hatred from the inside. He can also impale whole districts with spear sized icicles that make their victims feel Hrimfurzar's eternal pain, or ensnare those who attack him in the same torturous chains that constantly surround him. Hrimfurzar has intimacies towards his Yozi, a negative one directed at himself, a love/hate relationship with pain, pride in his self-hatred and masochism, cold and things that have no place in the world.

Hrimfurzar has some way to enter Creation, he just never uses it. The flagellant Giant is just so self-hating as to fell he has even the smallest right to leave Malfeas on his own accord. Sorcerers tend to summon him to unleash his famed blizzard of torture, bringing down whole armies in a torturous maelstrom of suffering.

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