Monday, 11 July 2016

Akutav, The Disaster Diggers

Akutav, The Disaster Diggers; Progeny of the Worm that stands to watch:
Aeaea sometimes need extra eyes across whatever layer, and while she now uses enslaved first circles, her original solution was the Akutav. These demons look like the moles of Creation except with no eyes and the top half of their head being covered in strange ultramarine tentacles that burrow underneath a layer of Malfeas and wait under the surface, only coming out when they sense danger to alert Aeaea. Problem was the Akutav came out insane, where the Worm that stands to watch was a worrier and obsessed with safety, her demon moles literally worship the acts of destruction and mayhem unleashed by the capricious natures of the Yozi.

Akutav aren't sadist, more like children revelling in chaos and enjoying the show of explosions; something that worries most other 1st circle demons. The Disaster Diggers simply want to play in the ruins as they form, and as they seem especially sensitive to the essence of each Yozi's presence, they can very accurately predict the imprisoned primordial's arrivals and thus celebrate their arrival by burrowing out to the surface and destroying everything in sight. This means that one can predict the arrival of dangerous Yozi like Adorjan, Hegra or Isidoros, letting other demons escape the carnage, not that the Akutav want other 1st circles to leave the party and will try to keep their fellows in the 'revelry' of anarchical destruction. It's only when the disasters passes that the Akutav show any sense of seriousness, mourning those who didn't live through the chaos, with streams of tear like slobber coming from each of the Disaster Diggers, and where two of these streams meet a new Akutav is born into Malfeas to join in their buried waits, looking forward to the next catastrophe.

Akutav enter Creation whenever someone renters a disaster zone after a safe escape of their own volition. They are mostly summoned as watchmen and to undermine fortress, although legend has it that some Solars mass summoned these demons to wait under cities and destroy them if the metropolis fell into enemy hands; although since no city has fallen by such means since the Solars fell, yet. The Disaster diggers have intimacies towards their creator, Aeaea (Why doesn't she love us as we love her), destruction (cool), their own kind (an undemon-like kinship), destructive yozis (AH YEAH!), digging creatures (kinship) and the earth (home sweet home).

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