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Pehtalka Puhst, the Maternal Anti-rudaali clothed in Memoirs of Uncounted Wards

Pehtalka Puhst, the Maternal Anti-rudaali clothed in Memoirs of Uncounted Wards
Understanding Soul of The Forest of the Tzitzimitl

Pehtalka Puhst is a surprising friendly demon, to friendly for most. If anyone enters her hollow, she put them in a nice comfy chair, pour a nice cup of tea and start showing them etchings of each and every member of the lost races of Itzpapalotl. And she has stories about each and everyone of them. Most who meet her die of starvation and thirst due to their brains shutting down with sheer boredom. Only one person has been known to survive her, and who this was is not known, although they did turn several wood elementals into a nice new set of self working filling cabinets as reward for her entertaining conservation.

Pehtalka Puhst does this all as she represents Itzpapalotl memory of the latter's many wards over the years. The 2nd circle demon is a mistress of history and lives, recording everything that happens in countless lifetimes and sharing it with who every comes her way. However, this is a little more sinister than it looks. Pehtalka Pulhst slowly drains the memory of weaker beings when she talks to them, destroying their past and thus, removing any reason to live and so leaving wilted and broken people. Why she does this is unknown, and some scholars believe this affect is not even intentional, but a mechanism to ensure that she will gather memories to preserve. For this Itzpapalotl leaves her at the bottom of a pit in her central tree, unable to escape and harm any sapient beings.

Pehtalka Puhst enters Creation when a person destroys a monument to ensure the memory of whomever the structure was in memory of. She appears as a great toad like being with long arms (the Ebu Gogo say she looks like them, but most agree that she is too amphibian for that), made of amber clockwork with a steel carapace with lacquer inlay. This 2nd circle is summoned to help extract memories or retrieve data about the lost races of Itzpapalotl, but occasional sorcerer's of the First Age used her as a tea partner for their enemies, much to the latter's horror.

When she returns from Creation, she'll cross Malfeas and talk to any demon unfortunate enough to cross her path, causing them to wither away as their memories and will to live are drained, with Itzpapalotl having to pick her up after several hundred first circles befall this fate. The intimacies of Pehtalka Puhst include her mistress, Itzpapalotl (Remembering all of her glory), the lost races of Itzpapalotl (Remembering their beautiful and interesting lives), memories (remembering all their preciousness), tea (remembering how go it is) and long, winding talks (remembering all those great conversations past)

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Chriek, They who Count the Pictures; Progeny of the Maternal Anti-rudaali clothed in Memoirs of Uncounted Wards

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