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Pressyne, The Enduring Waters of Repair

Pressyne, The Enduring Waters of Repair
Protective Soul of the Immortal of Immortals.

Pressyne sees mortals as fundamentally broken things; both as a race and as individuals. Humanity forsook the Primordials, becoming cruel monsters that could torture such sweet demons like Prokletije into unhealable cripples. Yet they are pathetic things, even their great Exalts do not live forever, aging as a slow reflection of their mundane kin. So Pressyne creates the Fountains of Youth to regenerate humans to the prime of their life and give them back lost strength. Each one is lovingly crafted by hand, with an unique and shifting style due to her distinct lack of charms or spells to simply create her wonders from thin air, and each fountain draws from it's realm's native essence, with Creation having purifying fountains, the underworld with fountains of vitality bestowing blood and Malfeas with fountains of misery melting acid.

However, no matter how merciful she may want to be, the Enduring Waters is still filled with a furious sort of melancholy which means of each of the fountains is under her curse. In Malfeas, her fountains form the markers of her fiefdom, a district of ruined palaces and mansions inhabited by the poor first circle demons that drink from the fountains and dissolve if they do not take her blessing in the form of the demonically aqueous mist that surrounds her body. From beyond this fog she looks like a beautiful if depressed maiden with weary and tearful eyes, although closer inspection reveals that her flowing hair is stretched out droplets of nectar, with her body and face being one long mobius strip made of green bronze snake skin and clothed in a chainmail sari and poncho; where the rings on both are little brass skulls with ruby eyes and wings to keep them fixed together; with a giant bell at each elbow, ringing in new droplets of water to replace those in the mist that either age into ice at her base or rejuvenate into steam above her.

Pressyne enters Creation whenever a marvel or artefact that was made to give eternal life is threatened with damage or destruction, in which case her song; as she only sings on such occasions; will cross the sand of Cecelyne and demand the offender cease their actions. If they do, the demoness will remain in Malfeas and no great conflict occurs. If the desiccation of what Pressyne sees as most precious goes ahead, she'll cross the Endless Desert and hunt down the transgressor. Although she is a skilled combatant, Pressyne prefers to curse her targets, even if her curses mostly need water, acid or blood as a medium to act through. Lucky mortals need the first and are filled with the third. Yet when hexes are not enough, she turns to her Soulsteel daiklave, Requiem of the Lyrist, a grand daiklave of such sad love and eternal loyalty that it's every blow fills the victim with tears of distress for their own mortality and their sins against the long lost Primordial and the now imprisoned Yozis. This sword remembers the last days that Pressyne sang with joy in her heart, requiem of the Harpist used to be call Orfeo, a musician in the early Shogunate who nearly broke a immortality bestowing lyre in protest to serving a dragon blood who had murder the infant children of a Solar whose concubines the terrestrial then defiled to death. Orpheus heard the song of Pressyne and plead to her to let him make music with her. As she could only leave Malfeas if the harp was broken, Orfeo did so. Pressyne and Orfeo made beautiful music together and lived many years in Creation, even mothering a child for him. But the 2nd circles innate nature got the better of her, so the Enduring Waters had to murder her mortal lover. His soul was about to move onto Lethe, but Pressyne begged the lyrist to stay in Creation or return to Malfeas and become a lord with her. But Orfeo knew it was the nature of things to return to the cycle of Reincarnation, just as the Primordial including J'Qeju had decreed when making Creation. So, she grabbed her foolish lover's soul and dragged it down into the Underworld to be reforged as a daiklave. Now Pressyne no longer sings for joy, and only sings to communicate across worlds. Although some of her first circle serfs swear to hear her humming ancient love songs as she pucks on nearly unseen string of oily mist along her daiklave.

Pressyne is summoned into Creation either to make Fountains of Youth or to curse the enemies of her summoner. She prefers the former work, although all these fountains either cause addiction, fear of loss, obsession with continuity, hatred of change, a desire for true immortality, hated of ephemeral/mortal beings or any one of a number of curses. The Fountains also only renew the person, they do not grant true immortality. Pressyne has intimacies towards Prokletije, her third circle (mourning for a tortured patron), the Fountains of Youth (Joy in duty and pride in artwork), Requiem of the Lyrist (Devotion of a mournful lover), her demon blooded child (how do I look after this thing?), tragic loves (recognition of a similarly suffering), immortals and immortality (unconditional love), curses (all too fun), the memory of the Primordials rightful glory (tragic pride), things that aren't as they first appear (good humour to a familiar trick) and finally: water, acid, oil and blood (the beauty of the flow)

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